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401st Regional Support Squadron -Garrison - Support
402nd Software Maintenance Group -Garrison - Support
402nd Troop Transport Squadron -Combat - Transportation, Logistics
4038th Aircraft Support Squadron -Garrison - Support/ Materiele
403rd Weapons System Security Flight -Combat - Support
4050th Installation Squadron -Garrison - Base, Installation
405th Law Enforcement Squadron -Garrison - Security
405th Resources Protection Squadron -Garrison - Security
4061st Installation Squadron -Garrison - Base, Installation
406th Material Squadron -Garrison - Materiel, Supply
407th Provost Marshall Office -Garrison - Security
4080th Aircraft Support Squadron -Combat - Support Units
4080th Installations Squadron -Garrison - Base, Installation
4082nd Support Squadron -Garrison - Support
40th Tactical Support Group -Garrison - Support
4100th Group (Provisional) -Combat - Other Types
412th Materiel Squadron -Garrison - Materiel, Supply
4130th Aircraft Support Squadron -Combat - Support
414th Fighter Weapons Squadron -Combat - Weapons
416th Support Group -Garrison - Support
417th Weapons Squadron -Combat - Weapons
4200th Support Squadron -Combat - Support Units
421st Ground Combat Readiness Squadron -Combat - Support
422nd Joint Tactics Squadron -Garrison - Other Types
424th Installation Squadron -Combat - Other Types
42nd Airborne Command and Control Squadron -Combat - Command, Control, Intelligence
42nd Combat Defense Squadron -Garrison - Security
42nd Consolidated Headquarters Squadron -Garrison - Support
42nd Expeditionary Attack Squadron -Combat - Reconnaissance
42nd Installation Squadron -Garrison - Support
4300th Support Squadron -Garrison - Support
432d Tactical Drone Group -Combat - Other Types
432nd Drone Generation Squadron -Garrison - Maintenance
433d Airman and Family Readiness Flight -Garrison - Other Types
433d Weapons Squadron - Satan's Angels -Combat - Weapons
433rd Fighter Weapons Squadron -Combat - Fighter Units
433rd Weapons Squadron -Combat - Weapons
435th Contingency Response Group
435th Forward Supply Flight -Garrison - Services
437th Security Forces Squadron -Combat - Security


4392nd Aerospace Support Group -Garrison - Support
439th Civil Engineer Squadron -Combat - Civil Engineer
43rd Combat Mapping Squadron -Combat - Other Types
4400th Air Postal Squadron -Garrison - Other Types
4400th Management Engineering Squadron
4400th Mobility Support Flight -Combat - Transportation, Logistics
4401st Air Postal Squadron -Garrison - Other Types
4401st Asset Reconstruction Group -Garrison - Support
4404th Asset Reconstitution Group -Garrison - External/Others
4404th Operational Support Squadron (Provisional) -Combat - Support
4404th Support Group (Provisional) -Garrison - Support
4406th Air Support Operations Squadron (Provisional) -Combat - Operations
4406th Operations Group (Provisional) -Garrison - Services
4406th Support Squadron (Provisional) -Combat - Support
4409th Support Squadron -Garrison - Support
4414th Support Flight (Provisional) -Combat - Support
4440th Aircraft Delivery Group -Combat - Other Types
4448th Contingency Support Squadron -Garrison - Support
4449th Mobility Support Squadron -Combat - Transportation, Logistics
4450th Tactical Group -Combat - Other Types
445th Weapon Systems Security Flight -Combat - Security
4461st Support Group -Combat - Support
446th Aerospace Evacuation Squadron -Combat - Transportation, Logistics
4484th Fighter Weapons Squadron -Garrison - Weapons
4486th Fighter Weapons Squadron -Garrison - Weapons
4500th Field Printing Squadron -Garrison - Support
4500th Support Squadron -Garrison - Support
4501st Support Squadron -Garrison - Support
4502nd Support Squadron -Garrison - Support
4520th Air Demonstration Squadron - Thunderbirds -Garrison - Other Types
4536th Fighter Weapons Squadron -Combat - Support Units
4537th Fighter Weapons Squadron - Wild Weasels -Garrison - Weapons
4538th Fighter Weapons Squadron -Combat - Weapons
4539th Fighter Weapons Squadron -Garrison - Weapons
4557th Tanker Support Flight -Garrison - Support/ Materiele
459th Mission Support Squadron -Garrison - Support
459th Operations Group -Garrison - Services
459th Support Group -Combat - Support
45th Aircraft Repair Squadron
45th Range Squadron -Garrison - Other Types



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4601st Support Squadron
4604th Support Squadron -Combat - Support
4608th Support Squadron -Garrison - Support
460th Communication Squadron -Combat - Communications
4624th Support Group -Garrison - Support
4625th Support Squadron -Garrison - Support
4626th Support Squadron -Garrison - Support
4627th Support Squadron -Garrison - Support
4628th Support Squadron (SAGE) -Garrison - Support
4629th Support Squadron (SAGE) -Garrison - Support
4634th Support Squadron -Combat - Support Units
4635th Support Squadron (SAGE) -Garrison - Support
4637th Support Squadron -Garrison - Support
4638th Support Squadron (SAGE) -Combat - Support
4642nd Support Squadron (SAGE)
4645th Support Squadron -Garrison - Support
4648th Support Squadron -Combat - Support
464th Installation Squadron -Combat - Base/ Installation
465th Supply Squadron -Garrison - Support/ Materiele
4660th Support Squadron -Garrison - Support
4677th Defense Systems Evaluation Squadron -Garrison - Other Units
4713th Defense System Evaluation Squadron -Garrison - Other Types
4722d Support Squadron -Combat - Support
4751st Materiel Squadron -Combat - Materiel, Supply
4756th Drone Squadron -Garrison - Other Types
4756th Installation Squadron -Garrison - Base, Installation
4756th Support Squadron -Combat - Support Units
4758th Defense System Evaluation Squadron -Garrison - Other Types
475th Weapons Evaluation Group -Garrison - Weapons
475th Weapons Evaluation Group Detachment 1 -Combat - Weapons
4783rd Surveillance Squadron -Combat - Command, Control, Intelligence
4787th Material Squadron
478th Material Squadron -Garrison - Support/ Materiele
480th Antisubmarine Group -Combat - Other Types
4900th Support Squadron
497th Operational Support Squadron -Combat - Support
4th Air Postal Squadron
4th Airborne Command and Control Squadron -Combat - Command, Control, Intelligence
4th Combat Camera Squadron -Combat - Other Types
4th Command and Control Squadron -Combat - Command, Control, Intelligence


4th Direct Air Support Flight -Combat - Support
4th Far East Material Squadron -Garrison - Materiel, Supply
4th Ferrying Group -Garrison - Support
4th Field Investigation Squadron -Garrison - Support
4th Mission Support Squadron -Combat - Support
4th Radio Relay Squadron -Combat - Communications
4th Seach Attack Squadron -Combat - Other Types
4th Service Squadron -Combat - Services
4th Strategic Support Squadron -Combat - Support
4th Tactical Depot Squadron -Garrison - Maintenance
4th Tow Target Squadron -Air Units - Fixed Wing


5008th Support Squadron -Garrison - Support
5010th Headquarters Squadron -Combat - Other Types
502nd Technical Control Group -Garrison - Other Types
5049th Broadcasting Squadron
5055th Range Squadron -Garrison - Other Types
5059th Air Postal Squadron -Garrison - Other Units
505th Combat Sustainment Squadron -Combat - Ground Units
505th Exercise Control Squadron -Combat - Other Types
5060 Support Group -Garrison - Support
506th Aircraft Sustainment Squadron -Garrison - Maintenance
506th Expeditionary Group -Garrison - Support
507th Direct Air Support Squadron -Garrison - Support
508th Aircraft Sustainment Squadron -Garrison - Maintenance
509th Coptroller Squadron -Garrison - Services
509th Explosive Ordnance Disposal Flight -Combat - Support
509th Security Support Squadron -Garrison - Security
509th Weapons Squadron -Garrison - Weapons
50th Air Support Group -Combat - Base/ Installation
50th Ammunition Support Squadron
50th Installation Squadron -Garrison - Support
50th Motor Vehicle Squadron -Combat - Transportation, Logistics
513th Motor Vehicle Squadron -Garrison - Transportation, Logistics
51st Ground Combat Evaluation Squadron -Garrison - Training Command
51st Resource Management Group -Garrison - Other Types
525th Material Squadron
527th Aggressor Squadron -Combat - Other Types
528th Material Squadron -Garrison - Materiel, Supply
52nd Componet Maintenance Squadron -Garrison - Maintenance
52nd Operational Support Squadron
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