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425 Adkins, David (Sinbad), SrA -Assisted  M28 Agar, John George, Sgt -Deceased 
M10 Altman, Robert Bernard, 1st Lt -Deceased  3N Anderson, Sunny, SrA -Assisted 
M02 Autry, Orvon Gene, FltOff -Deceased  Baer, Parley Edward, Capt -Deceased 
Balsam, Martin Henry, Sgt -Deceased  M82 Banner, John, Sgt -Deceased 
Beatty, Warren, A3C -Assisted  702 Bentsen, Lloyd Millard, Jr., Col -Deceased 
M61 Bronson, Charles Dennis (Buchinsky), Sgt -Deceased  M50 Buttons, Red (Aaron Chwatt), 2nd Lt -Deceased 
M10 Cann, John William, Jr. (William Conrad), Capt -Deceased  00 Carlin, George, A3C -Deceased 
Carter, Jack (Jack Chakrin), PFC -Deceased  292 Cash, John R. (Johnny), SSgt -Deceased 
Cobb, Lee J., Cpl -Deceased  M02 Coogan, John Leslie (Jackie), 2nd Lt -Deceased 
M50 Cozzens, James Gould, Maj -Deceased  Crawford, Broderick, Sgt -Deceased 
11 Cummings, Robert Orville (Bob), Capt -Deceased  M61 Dastagir, Sabu, Sgt -Deceased 
Desmond, Johnny, Sgt -Deceased  M77 Donlevy, Waldo Bruce (Brian), Sgt -Deceased 
M10 Ford, Ernest Jennings, 1st Lt -Deceased  M10 Franz, Arthur Sofield (Turo), Maj -Deceased 
303 Freeman, Morgan Porterfield, A1C -Assisted  M61 Gable, William Clark, Maj -Deceased 
M77 Gann, Ernest Kellogg, Capt -Deceased  M50 Geisel, Theodor Seuss (Dr. Seuss), Maj -Deceased 
Gibson, Henry (James Bateman), Capt -Deceased  M65 Gobel, George Leslie (Lonesome George), 1st Lt -Deceased 
M02 Goldwater, Barry Morris (Baron), Maj Gen -Deceased  Graves, Peter, Cpl -Deceased 
Greenberg, Henry Benjamin (Hank), Capt -Deceased  Hagman, Larry Martin, A1C -Deceased 
M77 Haines, Donald F., 1st Lt -Fallen  Harmon, Tom, 1st Lt -Deceased 
Hart, John Lewis (Johnny), A1C -Deceased  M04 Heflin, Emmett Evan, Jr. (Van), 1st Lt -Deceased 

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