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The 602d Air Support Operations Group (ASOG) was formed during the tactical air control reorganization in the mid-1980's.  The reorganization placed the VII Corps Air Liaison Officer (ALO) (formerly Detachment 3, 601 Tactical Control Wing (TCW) in charge of the 602d Air Support Operations Squadron (ASOCS) at Kelley Barracks GE and USAF ALO Operating Locations (OLs) at the VII Corps divisions and brigades (3rd ID, 1st AD), and the 2nd Armored Calvary Regiment (2d ACR).  The first 602d ASOG Commander was Colonel Charles A. Larson.  Subsequent Commanders were Col Stephen Sheehan, Col Stanley Czech, and Col Frederick Zehr.  The units of the 602d ASOG deployed to the Operation Desert Storm AOR in 1990/91 and were deactivated shortly afterwards when the VII Corps drew down at the end of the Cold War.

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5 Members Who Served in This Unit
  • Cole, Robert, SrA, 1987
  • Copper, Ronald, MSgt, 1992
  • Hatmaker, Dennis, Sgt, 1987
  • Strausbaugh, Chuck, MSgt, 1995
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Desert Storm
Removal of Iraqi Forces from Kuwait
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1991 - 1991

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