Combat Arms Training and Maintenance Training Course -Formal School


(10) Student Leader Management & Drill Course -Specialist Course
(1535G) KC-135 Initial Navigator Crew Training Course -Specialist Course
(203X) Space Operations Officer Course -Specialist Course
(203X) Space Systems Director Course -Specialist Course
(20XX) Space Environment and Operations Course -Specialist Course
(274X) Command Post Specialist Training Course, Keesler AFB, MS -Specialist Course
(29130) Communications Center Specialist Course -Formal School
(291XX) Communications Center Specialist Course, Sheppard AFB -Specialist Course
(291XX) Telecommunications Operations Training Course, Sheppard AFB -Specialist Course
(29330) Ground Radio Operator Course -Formal School
(29332) Airborne Raio Operator Course -Formal School
(30130) Aircraft Radio Repairman Course -Formal School
(30130) Aircraft Radio Repairman Course -Formal School
(30150) Airborne Radio Training Course -Staff
(3016) Electronic Maintenance Officers Course -Staff
(30170) Aircraft Radio Maint Technician Course -Staff
(30420) Radio Relay Equipment Repair Course
(30434) Ground Radio Communications Equipment Repairman Course
(30450) Radio Relay Maintenance Technician Course -Formal School
(30554) Electronic Computer Repair Training Course -Staff
(31630G) Apprentice Missile Systems Analyst Course -Specialist Course
(32130K) Apprentice Bomb-Navigation Systems Mechanic Course -Specialist Course
(32330G) Defensive Fire Control System B-52 Course -Specialist Course
(32636) Able Avionics Phase I -Specialist Course
(32636B) Integrated Avionic Attack Control Systems Specialist Course -Specialist Course
(32830) Avionics Communications Course -Specialist Course
(328XX) Electronic Warfare Systems Apprentice Course -Specialist Course
(341X4E) Digital Flight Simulator Course -Specialist Course
(36150) Outside Wire and Antenna Maintenance Course, Sheppard AFB -Specialist Course
(362XX) Teletype Maintenance Course -Specialist Course
(3A0X1) Information ManagementInformation Management Apprentice Course -Specialist Course
(3E7X1) Fire Protection Specialist Course -Specialist Course
(3H01X) Historian Craftsman Course -Formal School
(3H0X1) USAF Historian Apprentice Course -Specialist Course
(3P0X1) Security Forces Apprentice Course -Specialist Course
(3P0X1A) Military Working Dog Handler Course -Specialist Course
(3P0X1B) Combat Arms Apprentice Course -Formal School
(4054A) Munitions Maintenance Officer Training Course -Specialist Course
(422X1) Mechanical Accessories Training Course -Specialist Course


(427XX) Corrosion Control, Aircraft Maintenance Course
(43100) Basic Aircraft Mechanic, Reciprocating Engines Course -Staff
(43331) Apprentice Missile Engine Mechanic Course -Formal School
(43331) Apprentice Missile Engine Mechanic Course -Formal School
(46103) Munitions Maintenance Course -Formal School
(46103) Munitions Maintenance Course -Formal School
(46250) Weapons Mechanic Course -Specialist Course
(46FX) Flight Nurse Course -Specialist Course
(51130) Computer Operator Course -Specialist Course
(54552) Heating Systems Specialist Course -Formal School
(55130) Pavements Maintenance Course -Specialist Course
(55350) Site Development Specialist Course -Specialist Course
(555X0) Production Control Apprentice Course -Specialist Course
(57130) Fire Protection Apprentice Training Course -Specialist Course
(5J0X1) Paralegal Apprentice Course -Specialist Course
(60530) Air Passenger Specialist Course -Specialist Course
(64550) Inventory Management Specialist Course -Formal School
(7021) Administration Officer Basic Training Course -Specialist Course
(70250) Administrative Specialist Course -Formal School
(71150) Duplicating Device Operator Course -Staff
(721XX) Information Technician Course -Specialist Course
(732XX) Apprentice Classification Specialist Training Course, Scott, AFB, IL -Specialist Course
(753X0) Small Arms Specialist Course -Formal School
(81130) Apprentice Security Specialist Course -Formal School
(81150) Airbase Ground Defense (ABGD) Course -Specialist Course
(90010) Medical Helper Course -Specialist Course
(90232) Operating Room Specialist Course -Staff
(90250) Medical Intermediate Course -Specialist Course
(90850) Veterinary Specialist Course -Specialist Course
(908x0) Environmental Health Apprentice Course -Specialist Course
(99125) (Special Electronics Technician Course
(Army ) Petroleum Products Analysis Specialty Training Course -Staff
(Army 81C) Cartographer Training Course -Specialist Course
(Army 81C) Cartographer Training Course -Specialist Course
(Army) 29E - Radio Repair Training Course -Specialist Course
(Army) Basic Airborne Course -Formal School
(Army) Basic Combat Convoy Course -Specialist Course
(Army) Cartographic Draftsman Course -Specialist Course
(Army) Combat Construction Specialist -Specialist Course
(Army) Construction Equipment Repairer Course -Specialist Course



(Army) Food Specialist Training Course -Specialist Course
(Army) Infantry Basic NCO Course (BNCOC) -Formal School
(Army) Military Police Advanced Individual Training Course -Formal School
(Army) Military Police Investigator Course -Formal School
(Army) Military Police Training Course -Formal School
(Army) Mode V Subscriber Terminal Training Course -Specialist Course
(Army) Solid State Circuits Training Course -Specialist Course
(Army) Stinger Gunner Operator Course -Formal School
(Army) Topographic Engineer Officer Course -Specialist Course
(Navy) Advanced Imaging School -Formal School
(Navy) Advanced Laboratory School -Formal School
(Navy) Basic Biomedical Equipment Technician School -Formal School
(Navy) Basic Radiology School -Formal School
(Navy) Construction Equipment Operator Course -Formal School
(Navy) Correctional Custody Specialist Course -Formal School
(Navy) Dental Administration School -Formal School
(Navy) Dental Equipment Repair School -Formal School
(Navy) Dental Prosthesic Laboratory Technician School -Formal School
(Navy) Dermatogolgy Technician School -Formal School
(Navy) Drug and Alcohol Counselor School -Formal School
(Navy) Electroneurodiagnostic Technician School -Formal School
(Navy) EOD School
(Navy) Hemodialysis/Aphersis Technician School -Formal School
(Navy) Independent Duty Corpsman School -Formal School
(Navy) Medical/Dental Advanced Technical School -Formal School
(Navy) Naval Nurse Corps Anethesia Phase II School -Formal School
(Navy) Nuclear Medicine School -Formal School
(Navy) Nuclear Medicine Technician School -Formal School
(Navy) Nuclear Medicine Technologist Course -Formal School
(Navy) Nurse Anesthesia School -Formal School
(Navy) Occupational Therapist Phase II School -Formal School
(Navy) Ocular Technician School -Formal School
(Navy) Orthopedic Cast Room Technician Course -Formal School
(Navy) Otolargngolocy Technician School -Formal School
(Navy) Pharmacy Technician School -Formal School
(Navy) Photographic Intelligenceman A School -Formal School
(Navy) Physical Therapy School -Formal School
(Navy) Physical Therapy Technician Phase II School -Formal School
(Navy) Physicians' Assistant School -Formal School
(Navy) Preventive Medicine Technician School -Formal School


(Navy) Psychiatric Technician Phase II School -Formal School
(Navy) Respiratory Technician School -Formal School
(Navy) Special Operations Medical Training School -Formal School
(Navy) Strike Fighter Tactics Instructor Course (Top Gun) -Program
(Navy) Surface Force Indepent duty Corpsman School -Formal School
(Navy) Surface Force Medical Indoctrination Course -Formal School
(Navy) Surface Force Refresher Course -Formal School
(Navy) Surface Medical Training School -Formal School
(Navy) Surgical Specialty School -Formal School
(Navy) Surgical Technician School -Formal School
(Navy) Surgical Technology School -Formal School
(Navy) Transplant Technician C School -Formal School
(Navy) Underwater Egress Training Course -Specialist Course
(Navy) Urology Technician School -Formal School
(TG7B) Teletype Operator Course -Staff
(USAF) Advanced Designated Marksman Course -Formal School
(USAF) Joint Firepower Control Course -Formal School
(USAF) Student Leader & Drill Course -Formal School
(USMC) NCO Leadership Course -Specialist Course


2700 Student Navigator Course -Formal School


5th Air Force Sea Survival School -Dispensary


A-10 Attack Control Course -Specialist Course
A-10 Avionic Comm/Nav Course -Specialist Course
A-10 Avionic Sys Fly Control Course -Specialist Course
AAF Advanced Flying School, Kelly Field, TX -Specialist Course
AAF Advanced Navigation Course -Specialist Course
AAF Aviation Pre-flight School, Kelly Field, TX -Specialist Course
AAF Basic Flying School, Kelly Field, TX -Specialist Course
AAF Bombardier School -Specialist Course
AAF Navigator School, Hondo Army Airfield, TX -Specialist Course
AAF Pilot School (Advanced 2-Engine) Ellington Army AirField , TX -Specialist Course
Academic Instructors Course -Formal School
Accounting and Finance Specialist Course -Staff
Acquisition Planning and Analysis Course -Formal School
Acquisitions Training Course -Formal School
Active Space Surveillance Operator Course -Specialist Course
Advanced ADP and Telecommunications Acquisition Course -Formal School
Advanced Biomedical Equipment Technician Course -Formal School
Advanced Computer Acquisitions Course -Formal School
Advanced Cryptologic Management Course -Formal School
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