329th Academic Ground Training School (Staff) -Formal School
3950th Technical Training Wing (Staff), Sheppard AFB -Formal School


414th Fighter Weapons School (Staff) -Training Squadron
4538th Fighter Weapons School (Staff) -Training Squadron


7th Radio Relay Microwave School (Staff) -Formal School


8th Altitude Training Unit (Staff) -Formal School


Academic Instructor School (Staff) Maxwell AFB -Base
Aerospace Research Pilot School (Staff) -Formal School
AFMTC NCO Leadership School (Staff) Lackland AFB, TX -Specialist Course
AFRL Warfighter Training Research Division -Formal School
AFSC Professional Military Education Center (Staff) -Formal School
Air Base Ground Defense School (Staff) -Formal School
Air Combat Command Logistics Readiness Training Center (Staff) -Formal School
Air Combat Command Training Support Squadron (Cadre) -Formal School
Air Command and Staff College (Staff) Maxwell AFB, Al
Air Force Air Intelligence Training Center (Staff) -Formal School
Air Force Command Control Training & Innovation Group -Formal School
Air Force Institute for Advanced Distributed Learning (Staff) -Formal School
Air Force Interceptor Weapons School (Staff) -Formal School
Air Force Military Training Center (Staff) -Formal School
Air Force School of Health Care Sciences (Staff) -Formal School
Air Force Security Assistance Training Squadron (Cadre) -Formal School
Air Force Weapons School (Staff)
Air Mobility Warfare Center -Formal School
Air Service Engineering School (Staff) -Formal School
Air Training Command -Formal School
Air Training Communications Division (Staff) -Formal School
Air War College (Staff Faculty) Maxwell AFB -Specialist Course
Air Warfare Center -Formal School
AMC Aircrew Training Branch (Staff) -Formal School
ANG Combat Readiness Training Center (CRTC) -Formal School
ANG Non-Commissioned Officer Academy (Staff) -Formal School
ANG Readiness Center -Formal School
Armed Forces Language School (AFLS) Saigon -Formal School


Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute (AFRRI) -Formal School
Armed Forces Staff College (Staff) -Formal School
Army Air Forces Central Instructors School (CIS) -Unit
Army Command and General Staff College (Staff) -Formal School
Army War College (Staff) -Formal School


Center for Aerospace Doctrine, Research and Education (CADRE) Maxwell AFB -Formal School
Central Flying Training Command -Base
Combat Aerial Delivery School (Staff) -Formal School


Defense Race Relations Institute (Staff) -Formal School


Engineering Installation Academy (Staff) -Formal School


FBI National Academy (Staff) -Formal School
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) -Formal School


George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies -Formal School
Gulf Coast Air Corps Training Center -Base


Hamilton Field Overseas Replacement Depot (ORD) -Base


I.G. Browm ANG Professional Militarty Education Center -Formal School
ICBM Maintenance Instructor Center -Formal School
Inter American Air Forces Academy (Staff) -Formal School
Interservice Postal Training Activity (Staff) -Formal School


Joint Air and Tactics Center (Staff) -Formal School


Leadership and Management Development Center, Maxwell Air Force Base -Base
LeMay Center for Doctrine -Formal School


National War College -Formal School
NATO Defense College Rome (Staff) -Formal School
Naval Postgraduate School (PGS) -Formal School
Naval School of Health Sciences (Staff) -Formal School
Naval War College -Formal School
NCO Academy (Staff) Kirtland AFB -Base
NCO Academy - TAC -Formal School
NCO Academy - ADC -Formal School
NCO Academy - AFCC
NCO Academy - AFCS -Formal School
NCO Academy - AFSC -Formal School
NCO Academy - ATC Lackland AFB



NCO Academy - Barksdale AFB -Formal School
NCO Academy - Bergstrom AFB -Formal School
NCO Academy - Bolling AFB -Formal School
NCO Academy - Forbes AFB -Formal School
NCO Academy - Goodfellow -Formal School
NCO Academy - Gunter AFB -Formal School
NCO Academy - Hamilton AFB -Formal School
NCO Academy - Kapaun AS, Germany -Formal School
NCO Academy - Keesler AFB -Formal School
NCO Academy - MAC -Formal School
NCO Academy - MATS Orlando AFB -Formal School
NCO Academy - McClellan AFB -Formal School
NCO Academy - McGhee Tyson ANGB -Formal School
NCO Academy - McGuire AFB
NCO Academy - Norton AFB -Formal School
NCO Academy - Peterson AFB -Formal School
NCO Academy - RAF Upwood -Formal School
NCO Academy - Robbins AFB -Formal School
NCO Academy - SAC -Formal School
NCO Academy - Sheppard AFB -Formal School
NCO Academy - Tyndall AFB -Formal School
NCO Academy, March AFB, CA
NCO Acadeny - Dover AFB -Formal School
NCO Leadership School (Staff) George Air Force Base
NCO Leadership School (Staff) Luke AFB -Base
NCO Preparatory School - TAC -Formal School
Non-Commisioned Officer Leadership School (NCOLS) -Formal School
Non-Commisioned Officer Preparatory School (NCOPS) -Formal School


Officer Training School (OTS) -Formal School


Pacific Air Forces Transportation Training Center -Formal School
Pilot Training Classes 00- thru 09- (PBOC/ENJJPT/JSUPT/UPT/JSTAR/JSUNT/UNT) -Formal School
Pilot Training Classes 40- thru 49- (PBOC/ENJJPT/JSUPT/UPT/JSTAR/JSUNT/UNT) -Formal School
Pilot Training Classes 50- thru 59- (PBOC/ENJJPT/JSUPT/UPT/JSTAR/JSUNT/UNT) -Formal School
Pilot Training Classes 60- thru 69- (PBOC/ENJJPT/JSUPT/UPT/JSTAR/JSUNT/UNT) -Formal School


Pilot Training Classes 70- thru 79- (PBOC/ENJJPT/JSUPT/UPT/JSTAR/JSUNT/UNT) -Formal School
Pilot Training Classes 80- thru 89- (PBOC/ENJJPT/JSUPT/UPT/JSTAR/JSUNT/UNT) -Formal School
Pilot Training Classes 90- thru 99- (PBOC/ENJJPT/JSUPT/UPT/JSTAR/JSUNT/UNT) -Formal School


Red Horse Training Units (Red Horse) -Formal School


Sheppard Technical Training Center (Staff/Cadre) - Sheppard AFB -Formal School
Silver Flag Training Site (Cadre) -Formal School
Southeast Air Corps Training Center -Base
Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training (SUPT) Course -Specialist Course


Technical Training Center (Cadre) Lowry AFB -Formal School
Technical Training Center (Staff) Vandenberg AFB -Formal School
Technical Training Center (Staff/Cadre) Amarillo -Formal School
Technical Training Center - Chanute (Staff) -Formal School
Technical Training Center - Goodfellow (Staff) -Formal School
Technical Training Center - Keesler -Formal School
Technical Training Center - Lackland -Center
Technical Training Command -Formal School
Technical Training Group (Staff) Scott -Group


United States Air Force Special Operations School
US Air Force Academy (Staff) -Formal School
US Naval Academy -Formal School
USAAF Schools -Formal School
USAF Expeditionary Center -Formal School
USAF Interceptor Weapons School -Formal School
USAF School for Latin America (Staff) -Formal School
USAF Security Police Academy (Staff) -Formal School
USAF Technical Gunnery School -Formal School


Vehicle Body Mechanic -Specialist Course


Weapons School (WS Space Division) -Formal School
Weapons School (WS Special Operations Forces Division) -Formal School
Weapons School (WS Support Division) -Formal School
Weapons School Command, Control and Operations (WS CCO) -Formal School
West Coast Air Corps Training Center -Base
Western Flight Training Center, Hobbs Army Air Field -Base
Western Flying Training Command -Base
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