Denny, Paul Leon, TSgt

Missile Maintenance
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Current Service Status
USAF Retired
Current/Last Rank
Technical Sergeant
Current/Last Primary AFSC/MOS
43370-Maintenance Scheduling Technician
Current/Last AFSC Group
Missile Maintenance
Primary Unit
1980-1983, 39270, 552nd Aircraft Generation Squadron
Previously Held AFSC/MOS
43131A-Apprentice Aircraft Mechanic
43131A-Aircraft Maintenance Specialist
43330-Maintenance Scheduling Specialist
43151A-Aircraft Maintenance Specialist
43171A-Aircraft Maintenance Technician
39270-Maintenance Management Technician
Service Years
1960 - 1983
Foreign Language(s)
Technical Sergeant

 Official Badges 

Missileman (Master) Air Force Retired

 Unofficial Badges 

 Military Association Memberships
Post 9265, A J Post 73
  2002, Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States (VFW), Post 9265, A J "Rock" Hudson Post (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) [Verified] - Chap. Page
  2011, American Legion, Post 73 (Vice President) (Del City, Oklahoma) [Verified] - Chap. Page
  2013, Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States (VFW), Post 7192, Eugene L. Farthing Post (Midwest City, Oklahoma) [Verified] - Chap. Page

 Additional Information
What are you doing now:
I volunteer at the RAO (Retirement Activity Office at Tinker A.F.B. OK.
On Friday Mornings from 0900 Hrs till noon. Mostly I just answer the phone to help other retirees,(All Militay retirees, not just U.S.A.F. Retirees)
Other Comments:
Not Specified

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Space Operations (Master)
Aircrew Enlisted (Basic)

 Enlisted/Officer Basic Training
  1960, Basic Military Training (Lackland AFB, TX), 3700
 Unit Assignments
Sheppard Technical Training Center (STTC) - Sheppard AFB2854th Air Base Group1707th Air Transport Wing (MATS)443rd Field Maintenance Squadron
57th Weather Reconnaissance Squadron13th Air Force9th Weather Reconnaissance Wing6200th Air Base Wing
405th Fighter Wing6514th Test Squadron51st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron552nd Aircraft Generation Squadron
  1960-1960, 43131A, Sheppard Technical Training Center (STTC) - Sheppard AFB
  1960-1964, 43131A, 2854th Air Base Group
  1965-1966, 43151A, 1707th Air Transport Wing (MATS)
  1966-1968, 43330, 443rd Field Maintenance Squadron
  1968-1968, 43151A, 57th Weather Reconnaissance Squadron
  1968-1972, 43151A, 13th Air Force
  1969-1969, 43370, 9th Weather Reconnaissance Wing
  1970-1971, 43370, 6200th Air Base Wing
  1970-1972, 43370, 405th Fighter Wing
  1972-1973, 43370, 6514th Test Squadron
  1973-1978, 43370, 6514th Test Squadron
  1978-1979, 43171A, 51st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
  1980-1983, 39270, 552nd Aircraft Generation Squadron
 Combat and Non-Combat Operations
  1964-1965 Vietnam Advisory Campaign (1961-65)
 Colleges Attended 
Rose State College
  1983-1984, Rose State College
 My Aircraft/Missiles
T-34 Mentor  AT-6 Texan  C-118 Liftmaster  C-119 Flying Boxcar  
C-121 Constellation  C-131 Samaritan  C-133 Cargomaster II  C-135 Stratolifter  
C-140 Jetstar II  C-45 Expeditor  C-46 Commando  C-54 Skymaster  
C-82 Packet  F-104 Starfighter  F-80/P-80 Shooting Star  F-84 Thunderjet  
F-86 Sabre  F-89 Scorpion  F-94 Starfire  U-3 Blue Canoe  
U-4 Aero Commander  C-124 Globemaster II  OV-10 Bronco  C-47 Skytrain/Dakota  
B-58 Hustler  C-137 Stratoliner  F-4 Phantom  VC-137 SAM 26000 Air Force One  
B-66 Destroyer  C-97 Stratofreighter  A-7 Corsair II (Sluf)  A3D (Prototype B-66)  
A-1 Skyraider (Sandy, Spad)  A-26 (B-26) Invader  A-37 Dragonfly  AC-119G/K Shadow/Stinger  
AC-123K Black Spot  AC-130A Gunship  AC-47 Spooky/Puff  B-57 Canberra  
C-123 Provider  C-130 Hercules  C-7 Caribou  CH/UH-21 Workhorse ( Flying Banana)  
EA-6B Prowler  EB-66 Destroyer  F-100 Super Sabre  F-101 Voodoo  
F-102 Delta Dagger  F-105 Thunderchief (Thud)  F-105G  Wild Weasel  F-106 Delta Dart  
F-4G Wild Weasel  HH-1N Huey  HH-43 Huskie (Pedro)  HH-53 Sikorsky (Super Jolly Green Giant)  
HU/SU-16 Albatross  U-2 Dragon Lady  UC-123B/K  Ranch Hand  U-1 Otter  
O-1/L-19 Bird Dog  O-2 Skymaster  WB-57F Canberra  WB-50  Superfortress  
C-141 Starlifter  B-47 Stratojet  C-9 Nightingale  DC130 Drone Control  
HH-3/CH-3E  Jolly Green Giant  AGM-86 ALCM Missile  BGM-109 GLC Missile  F-15 Eagle/Strike Eagle  
E-3 Sentry  34D-Atlas Missile  
  1960-1960, T-34 Mentor
  1960-1960, AT-6 Texan
  1960-1964, C-118 Liftmaster
  1960-1964, C-119 Flying Boxcar
  1960-1964, C-121 Constellation
  1960-1964, C-131 Samaritan
  1960-1964, C-133 Cargomaster II
  1960-1964, C-135 Stratolifter
  1960-1964, C-140 Jetstar II
  1960-1964, C-45 Expeditor
  1960-1964, C-46 Commando
  1960-1964, C-54 Skymaster
  1960-1964, C-82 Packet
  1960-1964, F-104 Starfighter
  1960-1964, F-80/P-80 Shooting Star
  1960-1964, F-84 Thunderjet
  1960-1964, F-86 Sabre
  1960-1964, F-89 Scorpion
  1960-1964, F-94 Starfire
  1960-1964, U-3 Blue Canoe
  1960-1964, U-4 Aero Commander
  1960-1967, C-124 Globemaster II
  1960-1967, OV-10 Bronco
  1960-1971, C-47 Skytrain/Dakota
  1961-1963, B-58 Hustler
  1963-1963, C-137 Stratoliner
  1963-1963, F-4 Phantom
  1963-1963, VC-137 SAM 26000 Air Force One
  1963-1964, B-66 Destroyer
  1963-1964, C-97 Stratofreighter
  1963-1964, F-4 Phantom
  1964-1964, A-7 Corsair II (Sluf)
  1964-1964, A3D (Prototype B-66)
  1964-1965, A-1 Skyraider (Sandy, Spad)
  1964-1965, A-26 (B-26) Invader
  1964-1965, A-37 Dragonfly
  1964-1965, A3D (Prototype B-66)
  1964-1965, AC-119G/K Shadow/Stinger
  1964-1965, AC-123K Black Spot
  1964-1965, AC-130A Gunship
  1964-1965, AC-47 Spooky/Puff
  1964-1965, B-57 Canberra
  1964-1965, C-123 Provider
  1964-1965, C-130 Hercules
  1964-1965, C-7 Caribou
  1964-1965, CH/UH-21 Workhorse ( Flying Banana)
  1964-1965, EA-6B Prowler
  1964-1965, EB-66 Destroyer
  1964-1965, F-100 Super Sabre
  1964-1965, F-101 Voodoo
  1964-1965, F-102 Delta Dagger
  1964-1965, F-105 Thunderchief (Thud)
  1964-1965, F-105G Wild Weasel
  1964-1965, F-106 Delta Dart
  1964-1965, F-4 Phantom
  1964-1965, F-4G Wild Weasel
  1964-1965, HH-1N Huey
  1964-1965, HH-43 Huskie (Pedro)
  1964-1965, HH-53 Sikorsky (Super Jolly Green Giant)
  1964-1965, HU/SU-16 Albatross
  1964-1965, U-2 Dragon Lady
  1964-1965, UC-123B/K Ranch Hand
  1964-1965, U-1 Otter
  1964-1965, O-1/L-19 Bird Dog
  1964-1965, O-2 Skymaster
  1964-1965, WB-57F Canberra
  1964-1965, UC-123B/K Ranch Hand
  1964-1965, U-1 Otter
  1965-1966, WB-50 Superfortress
  1966-1968, C-141 Starlifter
  1968-1971, B-47 Stratojet
  1968-1971, C-9 Nightingale
  1972-1972, DC130 Drone Control
  1972-1975, HH-3/CH-3E Jolly Green Giant
  1972-1975, AGM-86 ALCM Missile
  1972-1975, DC130 Drone Control
  1972-1975, DC130 Drone Control
  1972-1975, DC130 Drone Control
  1972-1978, BGM-109 GLC Missile
  1979-1979, F-15 Eagle/Strike Eagle
  1979-1979, F-4 Phantom
  1979-1983, E-3 Sentry
  2013-2003, 34D-Atlas Missile
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