Brown, Mike, A1C

Aircraft Maintenance
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Current Service Status
USAF Veteran
Current/Last Rank
Airman 1st Class
Current/Last Primary AFSC/MOS
43151F-Aircraft Mechanic
Current/Last AFSC Group
Aircraft Maintenance
Primary Unit
1965-1965, 43151F, 6100th Consolidated Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Previously Held AFSC/MOS
43151F-Aircraft Maintenance Specialist
Service Years
1960 - 1965
Foreign Language(s)
Official/Unofficial US Air Force Certificates
Cuban Missile Crisis
Enlisted Collar Insignia
Airman 1st Class

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US Air Force Honorable Discharge Cold War Medal

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 Unit Assignments/ Advancement Schools
815th Troop Carrier Squadron - Flying Jennies315th Air Division815th Troop Carrier Squadron - Flying Jennies5th Air Force
6100th Consolidated Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
  1960-1965, 43151F, 815th Troop Carrier Squadron - Flying Jennies
  1961-1965, 43151F, 315th Air Division
  1961-1965, 43151F, 815th Troop Carrier Squadron - Flying Jennies
  1961-1965, 43151F, 5th Air Force
  1965-1965, 43151F, 6100th Consolidated Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
 Combat and Non-Combat Operations
  1961-1965 Vietnam War
 Reflections on Service
Please describe who or what influenced your decision to join the Air Force.
Whether you were in the service for several years or as a career, please describe the direction or path you took. What was your reason for leaving?
If you participated in any military operations, including combat, humanitarian and peacekeeping operations, please describe those which made a lasting impact on you and, if life-changing, in what way?
Of all your duty stations or assignments, which one do you have fondest memories of and why? Which was your least favorite?
From your entire military service, describe any memories you still reflect back on to this day.
What professional achievements are you most proud of from your military career?
Of all the medals, awards, formal presentations and qualification badges you received, or other memorabilia, which one is the most meaningful to you and why?
Which individual(s) from your time in the military stand out as having the most positive impact on you and why?
List the names of old friends you served with, at which locations, and recount what you remember most about them. Indicate those you are already in touch with and those you would like to make contact with.
Can you recount a particular incident from your service, which may or may not have been funny at the time, but still makes you laugh?
What profession did you follow after your military service and what are you doing now? If you are currently serving, what is your present occupational specialty?
What military associations are you a member of, if any? What specific benefits do you derive from your memberships?
In what ways has serving in the military influenced the way you have approached your life and your career? What do you miss most about your time in the service?
Based on your own experiences, what advice would you give to those who have recently joined the Air Force?
In what ways has helped you remember your military service and the friends you served with.
 Colleges Attended 
St. Petersburg College
  1966-1977, St. Petersburg College
 My Aircraft/Missiles
B-47 Stratojet  C-130 Hercules  
  1960-1961, B-47 Stratojet
  1961-1965, C-130 Hercules
 Other News, Events and Photographs
  Jul 28, 2016, General Photos4
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