Van Bogart, Le Roy James, TSgt

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Technical Sergeant
Last Primary AFSC/MOS
AAF MOS 1051-Pilot - Two-Engine
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Pilot (Officer)
Primary Unit
1952-1952, AAF MOS 1055, 5th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron
Service Years
1939 - 1958
Enlisted Collar Insignia
Technical Sergeant

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This Military Service Page was created/owned by the Site Administrator to remember Van Bogart, Le Roy James ("Van", "Rumboogie"), TSgt.
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Saint Paul
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My nephew, Rick Van Bogart at,, is assisting me with this site.

Date of Passing
Mar 28, 2009
Location of Interment
Rose Hills Memorial Park - Whittier, California
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     Jim as he preffered, was know as "Van", or "Rumboogie",  (a nickname given him in the Air Force, because he didn't drink, and would always give his "shots" to the other guy's.) Jim joined the Minnesota Air National Guard in 1939 and was in the 109th Obsevation Squadron at Fort Snelling Minnesota. He had acquired his private pilots licence prior to enlisting in the Army Air Force in April 1942, and trained at Fort Warren, Wyoming with the Quartermaster Company, Service Group (Aviation), and was sent to the B-26 Over Seas Training Base at Mac Dill Field Tampa, Florida as a pilot trainee. Then on to Walla Walla Army Air Base for combat aircraft maintenace and repair training. Then to, Galena Field Washington, Great Falls Air Base Montana, and Camp Stoneman, Pittsburg, California. 

     Originally headed for Europe with the 8th Air Force, Jim was redirected to the Pacifc and flew a B-26 Marauder with a group of medium and heavy bombers sent to join the 5th Air Force in Australia.  A short stay at Townsville, then on to the Air Base at Iron  Range. While at Iron Range, Jim helped Col Arthur Rogers install the first opperational nose turret in a B-24 Liberator,  "Connell's Special", and flew the first test hops with it.  He found out that it was actually a little faster with the turret.  When Col Rogers returned from one of the first missions with it, his nose gunner held up three fingers as they taxied by... 3 Kills. 

        Moving throughout New Guinea and the Philippines Jim volunteered, and was called on to fly often, and flew transport, photo, training, escort, and combat missions. At one time he was currant in 14 differant aircraft, and was amoung the first to fly the Douglas A-26 Invader in the Pacific. After WWII, Jim remained in the Minnesota Air National Guard with the 109th Fighter Squadron until 1947, when he moved to Califonia.  He became a 2nd Lt. in Squadron 21 Civil Air Patol, El Monte Wing . He was also a "Weekend Warrior" and trained with the 452nd Bomb Wing at Long Beach, Calif. in the Douglas B-26 Invader. 

   In 1950 His Air Force Reserve Unit became the first to be activated as a complete Air Force Unit. They were sent to, Itazuke, Japan. Then Miho, and flew bombing and close ground support missions in Korea. They moved to K-9 Air Base Pusan, Korea in May 1951, and he flew 58 misions with the 728th "Cannibals" Squadron  in the A-26 "My Baby" 44-34686.  He also flew the F- 86 Saber with the 5th Fighter Interseptor Squadron before coming home in 52'.

Other Comments:

    "I remember coming back from a mission, off the China Coast, in a P-38, when I heard, "Mayday, Mayday." I looked all around, then spotted a TBM smoking and going down. I radioed back,  "I got you." Then I saw him hit the water with a terrific splash. I flew cover for him until Air Sea Rescue arrived."
(This pilot went on to become the 41st President of the United States, George H W Bush.)

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Expert Marksman

 Enlisted/Officer Basic Training
  1942, USAAF Recruit Training (Fort Warren, WY)
 Unit Assignments/ Advancement Schools
Minnesota Air National Guard90th Bombardment Group, Heavy1962nd Communications Group5th Air Force
319th Bombardment Group, Medium  90th Bombardment Group, Heavy8th Bombardment Squadron39th Fighter Squadron  - Cobra In The Clouds
Civil Air Patrol - United States Air Force (CAP-USAF/CAPRAP)US Air Force728th Bombardment Squadron, Heavy	452nd Bombardment Wing, Light
5th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron
  1939-1947, Minnesota Air National Guard
  1943-1944, 90th Bombardment Group, Heavy
  1943-1944, 1962nd Communications Group
  1943-1944, 5th Air Force
  1943-1945, 400th Bombardment Squadron, Heavy
  1943-1945, 319th Bombardment Group, Medium
  1944-1945, 90th Bombardment Group, Heavy
  1944-1945, 8th Bombardment Squadron
  1944-1945, 39th Fighter Squadron - Cobra In The Clouds
  1947-1950, AAF MOS 770, Civil Air Patrol - United States Air Force (CAP-USAF/CAPRAP)
  1947-1953, AAF MOS 1051, 5th Air Force
  1950-1951, AAF MOS 750, 452nd Bombardment Wing, Light
  1950-1953, AAF MOS 750, 728th Bombardment Squadron, Heavy
  1951-1952, AAF MOS 1051, 5th Air Force
  1951-1952, AAF MOS 750, 452nd Bombardment Wing, Light
  1952-1952, AAF MOS 1055, 5th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron
 Combat and Non-Combat Operations
  1941-1945 World War II3
  1943-1943 World War II/Asian-Pacific Theater/Central Pacific Campaign (1941-43)
  1943-1943 World War II/Asian-Pacific Theater/New Guinea Campaign (1943-44)
  1943-1945 World War II/Asian-Pacific Theater
  1944-1944 World War II/Asian-Pacific Theater/Air Offensive Campaign Japan (1942-45)
  1945-1945 World War II/Asian-Pacific Theater/Western Pacific Campaign (1944-45)
  1950-1953 Korean War7
 My Aircraft/Missiles
B-18 Bolo  C-47 Skytrain/Dakota  A-20 Havoc  L-3 Grasshopper  
A-25 Shrike  B-26 Marauder  B-24 Liberator  P-38 Lightning (Forked Tail Devil)  
P-40 Warhawk/Kittyhawk  P-39 Airacobra  B-25 Mitchell  B-17 Flying Fortress  
A-26 (B-26) Invader  P-51/F-51 Mustang  C-54 Skymaster  B-29 Superfortress  
B-47 Stratojet  F-80/P-80 Shooting Star  F-86 Sabre  
  1940-1941, B-18 Bolo
  1940-1954, C-47 Skytrain/Dakota
  1941-1945, A-20 Havoc
  1941-1945, L-3 Grasshopper
  1942-1943, A-25 Shrike
  1942-1944, B-26 Marauder
  1942-1945, B-24 Liberator
  1942-1945, P-38 Lightning (Forked Tail Devil)7
  1943-1943, P-40 Warhawk/Kittyhawk
  1943-1944, P-39 Airacobra
  1943-1945, B-25 Mitchell
  1943-1953, B-17 Flying Fortress
  1944-1953, A-26 (B-26) Invader1
  1944-1954, P-51/F-51 Mustang
  1945-1952, C-54 Skymaster
  1945-1953, B-29 Superfortress
  1948-1950, B-47 Stratojet
  1949-1953, F-80/P-80 Shooting Star
  1950-1952, F-86 Sabre
 Other News, Events and Photographs
  WWII Memorial Washington,DC5
  SSgt Robert E Van Bogart7
  A-26 Invader 434686 4
  100% in the War Effort2
  A-26 Battle damage3
  Model collection5
  WWII Memorial Washington,DC3
  Our Airplanes26
  Our Dog1
  Mar 21, 1944, Lt. Peter Dick1
  Jan 01, 1958, Retired2
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