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The primary purpose of a supply clerk is to make sure that supplies and equipment is onhand for a project Scheme. And have all necessary supplies and equipment by the projected date.
Maintains stock levels for authorized supply items.  Adjusts stock levels to reflect recurring demands
Maintains property accounts and records, completing individual transactions, screening reference files, conducting data searches, and distributing output files.
Performs document control work involved in the processing of supply transactions.  Edits routine supply transactions ensuring compliance with GEEIA and installation supply procedures and directives.

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GEEIA - MDA - EI Association

Griffis Air Force Base

What Was GEEIA and What Happened to It?
58 Members Who Served in This Unit


  • Stalnaker, William (Wayne), A1C, (1963-1967)
  • Stevens, Richard, Sgt, (1966-1970)
  • STRAZZA JR, JERRY A, Sgt, (1966-1970)
  • Sweet, John, SSgt, (1966-1973)
  • Wall, Edmond, A1C, (1961-1965)
  • Welch, Alan, MSgt, (1969-1989)
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  Unit History Detail
Jun 01, 1956

Established Ground Electronics Engineering Installation Agency (GEEIA)

formed to engineer and install ground communications equipment throughout the world. GEEIA assumed host responsibilities for Griffiss

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