3025th Management Engineering Squadron
3028th Army Air Force Base Unit
303rd Air Service Group -Group
303rd Air Support Group -Group
306th Airdrome Squadron -Squadron
309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group -Group
30th Audiovisual Squadron -Squadron
30th Range Management Squadron -Squadron
30th Range Squadron -Squadron
30th Support Group -Group
310th Ferry Squadron -Air Squadron
3130th Air Installation Squadron -Squadron
3131st Aircraft Repair Squadron -Squadron
3139th Ammunition Support Squadron -Squadron
314th Installation Squadron -Squadron
315th Motor Vehicle Squadron
315th Network Warfare Squadron
315th Services Flight -Flight
315th Weapons Squadron
317th Installation Squadron
319th Expeditionary Group -Group
319th Support Group
31st Mission Support Squadron -Squadron
31st Mobile Aerial Support Squadron -Squadron
31st Operational Support Squadron -Squadron
31st Support Group -Group
31st Support Group -Group
3201st Boat Squadron -Squadron
3205th Drone Group -Group
3205th Drone Squadron -Squadron
3206th Support Squadron -Squadron
320th Operational Support Squadron
3212th Support Squadron -Squadron
321st Air Service Squadron -Squadron
3225th Drone Squadron -Squadron
3235th Drone Squadron
323rd Resource management Squadron -Squadron
323rd Support Group -Group
3245th Material Squadron -Squadron
325th Ferry Squadron -Air Squadron


325th Mission Support Group -Group
325th Mission Support Squadron -System
325th Weapons Squadron -Squadron
326th Ferry Squadron -Air Squadron
327th Materiel Squadron -Squadron
328th Weapons Squadron -Squadron
3300th Support Squadron -Squadron
330th Aircraft Sustainment Squadron -Squadron
3314th Management Engineering Squadron -Squadron
3320th Corrections and Rehabitation Squadron Detachment 1 -Squadron
3320th Motor Vehicle Squadron -Squadron
332nd Expeditionary Air Support Operations Squadron -Squadron
332nd Expeditionary Support Squadron -Squadron
3345th Resource Management Group -Group
334th Air Service Squadron
3362nd Special Activities Squadron -Squadron
336th Airdrome Squadron -Squadron
337th Air Support Flight -Flight
337th Airdrome Squadron -Squadron
337th Materiel Squadron -Squadron
3380th Resource Management Group
338th Airdrome Squadron -Squadron
339th Airdrome Squadron -Squadron
33rd Ferrying Group
33rd Network Warfare Squadron
33rd Tactical Group
3404th Support Squadron (SAGE)
340th Weapons Squadron -Squadron
341st Security Support Squadron -Squadron
343rd Service Squadron -Squadron
347th Sevices Squadron -Squadron
347th Support Group -Group
349th Memorial Affairs Squadron -Squadron
34th Aviation Squadron -Squadron
34th Strategic Squadron -Squadron
34th Tactical Group -Group
34th Weapons Squadron -Squadron
3510th Installation Squadron
3511th Support Squadron
351st Operartions Support Squadron -Squadron



351st Security Support Squadron -Squadron
353rd Aggressor Squadron -Squadron
355th Law Enforcement Squadron -Squadron
355th Mission Support Squadron -Squadron
3595th Air Demonstration Flight -Flight
35th Support Squadron
3631st Support Squadron -Squadron
363rd Expeditionary Airborne Command and Control Squadron -Squadron
363rd Expeditionary Operations Group -Group
363rd Expeditionary Support Group -Group
363rd Support Squadron
365th Service Squadron -Squadron
366th Installation Squadron -Squadron
366th Range Squadron -Squadron
366th Support Group -Group
3695th Motor Vehicle Squadron
36th Communication Squadron -Squadron
36th Contingency Response Group -Group
36th Mobility Response Squadron -Squadron
3700th Personnel Processing Squadron -Squadron
3701st Personnel Processing Squadron
3702nd Personnel Processing Squadron
370th Expeditionary Advisory Squadron -Squadron
3721st Personnel Processing Squadron -Installation
3731st Personnel Processing Squadron
373rd Support Squadron -Squadron
374th Support Squadron -Squadron
3750th Material Squadron -Squadron
3750th Resource Management Squadron -Squadron
376th Expeditionary Operational Support Squadron -Squadron
376th Expeditionary Operations Group -Squadron
377th Inspector General's Office -Office
377th Weapons System Security Squadron
37th Operation Support Squadron -Squadron
382nd Service Squadron -Squadron
384th Support Group
386th Expeditionary Communication Squadron -Squadron
386th Expiditionary Aircraft Control Squadron -Squadron
387th Air Expeditionary Group -Group
388th Range Squadron -Squadron


38th Cyberspace Engineering Group -Group
3900th Computer Systems Squadron -Squadron
3902nd Support Squadron -Squadron
3904th Management Engineering Squadron -Squadron
3906th Materiel Squadron -Squadron
3908th Strategic Standardization Group -Group
3910th Operations Squadron -Squadron
3918th Motor Vehicle Squadron
3928th Support Squadron
392nd Combat Defense Squadron -Squadron
392nd Support Squadron Detachment 4
394th Military Personnel Flight
39th Tactical Group -Group
3rd Air Cargo Squadron -Squadron
3rd Air Postal Squadron
3rd Airborne Command and Control Squadron -Squadron
3rd Airdrome Squadron -Squadron
3rd Ammunition Squadron -Squadron
3rd Army Air Force Bombing and Gunnery Range Squadron -Squadron
3rd Attack Group
3rd Aviation Field Depot Squadron -Squadron
3rd Combat Camera Squadron -Squadron
3rd Combat Cargo Squadron -Squadron
3rd Command and Control Squadron -Squadron
3rd Direct Air Support Flight -Squadron
3rd Ferrying Group -Group
3rd Law Enforcement Squadron -Squadron
3rd Motor Vehicle Squadron -Squadron
3rd Radio Relay Squadron -Squadron
3rd Search Attack Squadron -Air Squadron
3rd Secuity Forces Squadron -Squadron
3rd Short Range Navigation (SHORAN) Beacon Squadron -Squadron
3rd Strategic Support Squadron -Squadron
3rd Support Group -Group


4000th Support Group -Group
401st Regional Support Squadron
402nd Software Maintenance Group -Group
402nd Troop Transport Squadron -Air Squadron
4038th Aircraft Support Squadron -Unit
403rd Weapons System Security Flight
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