814th Installation Squadron -Squadron
814th Motor Vehicle Squadron
815th Combat Group -Group
816th Contingency Response Group -Group
817th Combat Defence Squadron -Squadron
817th Contingency Response Group -Group
817th Global Mobility Squadron -Squadron
818th Aircraft Support Squadron
818th Contingency Response Group -Group
818th Installations Squadron -Squadron
819th Global Mobility Squadron -Squadron
819th Global Support Squadron -Squadron
81st Communications Squadron -Squadron
81st Logisics Support Squadron -Squadron
81st Radio Research Squadron -Squadron
81st Range Control Squadron -Squadron
821st Support Squadron -Squadron
823rd Installation Squadron
824th Aircraft Support Squadron -Squadron
82nd Aerial Targets Squadron -Squadron
82nd Support Group -Squadron
82nd Tactical Aerial Target Squadron -Squadron
832nd Installation Squadron -Squadron
833rd Air Base Operability Squadron -Squadron
836th Air Base Operability Squadron -Squadron
836th Law Enforement Squadron -Squadron


839th Installation Squadron -Squadron
83rd Fighter Weapons Squadron -Squadron
857th Computer Squadron -Squadron
85th Engineering and Installation Squadron -Squadron
85th Radio Squdron Mobile -Squadron
86th Construction and Training Squadron -Squadron
86th Contingency Response Group -Group
86th Fighter Weapons Squadron -Squadron
86th Material Maintenance Squadron -Squadron
86th Vehicle Readiness Squadron -Squadron
88th Diagnostic and Therapeutic Squadron -Squadron
89th Airdrome Squadron -Squadron
89th Mission Support Squadron -Squadron
89th Special Air Missions Squadron
8th Air Deployment Control Squadron -Squadron
8th Airborne Command and Control Squadron -Squadron
8th Airdrome Squadron -Squadron
8th Combat Cargo Squadron -Squadron
8th Maintenance Operations Squadron -Squadron
8th Materiel Squadron -Squadron
8th Motor Vehicle Squadron -Squadron
8th Radio Relay Squadron
8th Services Squadron -Squadron
8th Tactical Deployment Control Squadron -Squadron
8th Transpotation Squadron -Squadron
8th Weapons Squadron -Squadron



909th Air Service Engineering Squadron
90th Aerial Support Squadron -Squadron
90th Security Support Squadron -Squadron
915th Airborne Early Warning and Control Group -Group
916th Material Squadron
916th Military Personnel Flight -Flight
91st Ferrying Squadron -Squadron
91st Network Warfare Squadron -Squadron
91st Security Support Squadron -Squadron
922nd Strategic Squadron -Squadron
926th Weapons System Security Flight -Flight
93rd Aircraft Support Squadron -Squadron
93rd Computer Systems Squadron -Squadron
945th Support Squadron
960th Airborne Early Warning and Control Squadron -Squadron
961st Airborne Early Warning and Control Squadron -Squadron
962nd Aircraft Early Warning and Control Squadron -Squadron
963rd Airborne Early Warning and Control Squadron -Squadron
964th Airborne Early Warning and Control Squadron - White Light -Squadron
964th Surveillance Squadron -Squadron
964th Weapons Squadron -Squadron
965th Aircraft Early Warning and Control Squadron -Squadron
966th Aircraft Early Warning and Control Squadron -Squadron
96th Mission Support Squadron -Squadron
97th Consolidated Headquarters Squadron -Squadron
99th Range Group -Group


99th Range Squadron -Squadron
99th Security Support Squadron -Squadron
99th Services Squadron -Squadron
99th Weapons Systems Security Flight -Flight
9th Air Postal Squadron -Squadron
9th Air Vehicle Repair Squadron
9th Airborne Command and Control Squadron -Squadron
9th Airship Squadron -Air Squadron
9th Combat Cargo Squadron -Squadron
9th Expeditionary Support Squadron -Squadron
9th Field Investigation Squadron
9th Radio Relay Squadron -Squadron
9th Reconnaissance Technical Squadron -Squadron


Aerospace Data Facility -Facility
Air Force Sustainment Center
AMC Test and Evaluation Squadron -Squadron


Command and Control Training and Innovation Group -Group
Cuddeback Lake Air Force Gunnery Range


Reconnaissance Aircraft Systems Group -Group


SAC Reconnaissance Group -Group
Sauhrita Gunnery Range


USAF Air Demonstration Squadron - Thunderbirds -Squadron
USAF Europe Postal and Courier Region
USAF On Site Inspection Team -Team
USAF Pacific Postal and Courier Region
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