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13,607 marines were killed and 88,633 wounded

A Wall That Heals

Deliberately setting aside the controversies of the war, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial honors the men and women who served when their Nation called upon them.

This is a page dedicated to honoring all of our  Vietnam Fallen. If you have a Vietnam Fallen
profile, please add this association to their profile.

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461 Aamold, Daniel Lawrence, A1C -Fallen  Abbott, Robert William, Maj -Fallen 
111 Abernathy, Robert Lloyd, Maj -Fallen  111 Abramoff, Arthur John (Art, Cagey 86), 1st Lt -Fallen 
111 Acher, Robert Paul, II, Capt -Fallen  00 Acosta, Jesse Rodriquez, SSgt -Fallen 
462 Adachi, Thomas Yuji, SMSgt -Fallen  111 Adair, Samuel Young, Jr., Maj -Fallen 
114 Adam, John Quincy (Blind Bat 01), CMSgt -Fallen  811 Adams, Erhard Jimmie (Eddie), Sgt -Fallen 
122 Adams, Hughie Darell (Major Hughie), Maj -Fallen  158 Adams, John Wilburn, Capt -Fallen 
123 Adams, Lee Aaron, 1st Lt -Fallen  111 Adams, Michael Thomas, Capt -Fallen 
460 Adams, Oley Neal, SSgt -Fallen  811 Adams, Royce Horace, TSgt -Fallen 
3E Adams, Samuel, CMSgt -POW/MIA  111 Adams, Stanley Lee, Capt -Fallen 
923 Adams, Steven Harold, A2C -POW/MIA  Adkins, Kenneth Dale (Turtle), Sgt -Fallen 
274 Adkisson, James Willie, SSgt -Fallen  111 Adrian, Joseph Daniel, 1st Lt -POW/MIA 
607 Aguillon, Felizardo Cuenca, TSgt -Fallen  Aili, David Emil, SSgt -Fallen 
113 Albanese, John Ernest, Jr., Sgt -Fallen  111 Albasio, John Anthony, Capt -Fallen 
431 Alberton, Bobby Joe, CMSgt -POW/MIA  135 Albrecht, George Henry, Capt -Fallen 
153 Albright, John Scott, II (Scotty), Maj -POW/MIA  472 Alexander, Calvin Eugene, SSgt -Fallen 
111 Alfred, Gerald Oak, Jr. (Alf, Gerry), Maj -POW/MIA  462 Alho, Antonio Lopez, Sgt -Fallen 
123 Allee, Richard Kenneth, Col -Fallen  111 Allen, Charles Franklin, II, Capt -Fallen 
114 Allen, Henry Lewis (Hank, Tiger ), Maj -POW/MIA  111 Allen, Thomas Ray, Maj -Fallen 
111 Allenberg, James Pattee (Helix), Maj -Fallen  152 Alley, Gerald William, Col -Fallen 
230 Alley, James Harold, Sgt -Fallen  111 Alley, Willie Warnie, TSgt -Fallen 

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