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Honoring ALL of your Tuskegee Airmen
Red Tails forever!

This is NOT the same as the Tuskegee Airman, Inc 

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464 Allen, John Edward, MSgt -Deceased  A23 Armstrong, William Pickney (Will), FltOff -Fallen 
A33 Bailey, Charles P., Sr., 2nd Lt -Deceased  A33 Bartley, William Roscoe, Capt -Deceased 
A01 Bluitt, Jenkins Harold, Sgt -Deceased  A23 Bowman, Leroy, 1st Lt -Deceased 
A23 Brewer, Fred Lorenzo, Jr., 2nd Lt -Fallen  A23 Brooks, Sidney P., 2nd Lt -Fallen 
A23 Brown, James B., 2nd Lt -Fallen  A23 Brown, Roger Bartlett, 2nd Lt -Fallen 
A23 Bruce, Samuel Martin (Lizard), 2nd Lt -Fallen  A23 Calhoun, James Albert (Jimmie), 2nd Lt -Fallen 
A23 Chavis, John Henry, 2nd Lt -Fallen  A23 Coleman, James, 2nd Lt -Deceased 
A23 Cowan, Edwin Thomas (Eddie), FltOff -Deceased  66 Crockett, Woodrow W. (Woody), Lt Col -Deceased 
A23 Daniels, Harry J., 2nd Lt -Fallen  A23 Dart, Clarence W., Sr., Lt Col -Deceased 
A23 Davis, Alfonza Wesley, Capt -Fallen  A23 Dickson, Lawrence Everett, Capt -Fallen 
A23 Dickson, Othell, 2nd Lt -Deceased  A23 Dunlap, Alwayne M., 2nd Lt -Fallen 
A23 Esters, Maurice Vincent, 1st Lt -Fallen  A23 Faulkner, William John, Jr., Capt -Fallen 
A23 Foreman, Samuel Jerome, 2nd Lt -Fallen  A23 Funderburg, Frederick Douglas, Jr., 1st Lt -Fallen 
A23 Gant, Morris E., FltOff -Fallen  Gary, Percy C., SSgt -Fallen 
A23 Givings, Clemenceau McAdoo (Clem), 2nd Lt -Fallen  Golden, Newman Camay, 1st Lt -Fallen 
A23 Gordon, Joseph E., 2nd Lt -Fallen  A23 Gray, George Elbert, Capt -Fallen 
A23 Harris, Maceo Antonio, Jr., 1st Lt -Fallen  A25 Harris, William M., MSgt -Fallen 
A23 Hawkins, Thomas Lawson, FltOff -Fallen  A23 Highbaugh, Earl Burton, 2nd Lt -Fallen 
A23 Hockaday, Wendell W., 2nd Lt -Fallen  A23 Hutton, Oscar Douglas, Jr., 2nd Lt -Fallen 
A23 Iles, George Jewell, Col -Deceased  A23 Irving, Wellington G., 2nd Lt -Fallen 

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