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AFSC/MOS Name Status Rank Served
452Becker, Ralph E. A., Jr.SSgt
2ABuffington, Amanda (Hruska)SSgt
3ECox, James (Vader)MSgt
2ADeVault, MarkSMSgt
3SDoolittle, Andrea (Doolittle)TSgt
2AFlagg, Emory, Jr. (Flizzle)MSgt
301Flaherty, Dennis (Denny)CMSgt
18XKing, JohnnyCapt
2ALaPorte, JohnMSgt
645Lawlor, DavidSMSgt
3EMandell, ChristopherMSgt
3DMonks, StevenSMSgt
1CPiccoli, Tony (PI)MSgt
995Reyes, PaulTSgt
811Sainz, RichardSSgt
2WShreve, JamesTSgt
3ASmith, ForrestSMSgt
316Westrack, GarySMSgt
Wright, EdaMarieMSgt
2AZiegler, StevenCMSgt
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