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On March 15, 1966, the Air Training Command designated the 3636th Combat Crew Training Group (Survival) as the sole manager of Air Force survival training

Courses taught by this new wing included:

  • Survival Training (Long Course), S-V80-A

  • Survival Instructor Training, S-V81-A

  • Combined Services Support Program, S-V82-A

  • Special Survival Training, S-V83-A

  • Combative Measures Instructor Training, S-V84-A

  • Survival Training (Southeast Asia), S-V85-A


On June 30, 1966, Survival School moved to Fairchild AFB, WA resuming training at the former Deep Creek Air Force Station

18 Members Who Served in This Duty Station

  • Beukema, Michael, SSgt, (1967-1971)
  • Cahill, Michael, SSgt, (1967-1971)
  • Galegar, Floyd, Sgt, (1964-1970)
  • Hoell, Charles, CMSgt, (1957-1979)
  • Jones, Bruce, SSgt, (1968-1972)
  • Keeton, Perry, SSgt, (1962-1974)
  • Miller, Leroy, MSgt, (1968-1989)
  • Pruett, Fred, Sgt, (1970-1973)
  • Rhoades, Elbert, A1C, (1959-1963)
  • Tantare, Richard, SMSgt, (1953-1973)
  • Tyler, Stanley, Sgt, (1970-1974)

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