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Garrison - Recruiting Command

The 313th Recruiting Squadron, commanded by Lt. Col. John Hutcheson, directs and operates the recruiting activities of eight enlisted accession flights with approximately 83 active-duty and 10 civilian personnel. Senior Master Sgt. Brad Pearson is the squadron production superintendent. The 313th RCS is located in North Syracuse, N.Y., and covers a 55,399 square-mile area that includes all of New York state and McKean County, Pa. Its mission is to inspire, engage and recruit the brightest, most competitive and diverse men and women for service in America's Air Force

38 Members Who Served in This Unit

  • Bowman, James, Capt, (1973-1993)
  • Brinzow, John, TSgt, (1981-2001)
  • Callahan, Steven, TSgt, (1995-2008)
  • Ciccarone, Alex, MSgt, (1989-2012)
  • Davila, Edwin, TSgt, (1985-2006)
  • Davis, Joseph, MSgt, (1993-2008)
  • DiGiore, Marc, TSgt, (1993-2008)
  • Garritillo, Jerry, TSgt, (1983-2003)
  • Glasscock, Scott, SSgt, (1987-2008)
  • Harry, Keenan, SSgt, (2010-Present)
  • James, Haylee, TSgt, (1995-2008)
  • Johnson, James, TSgt, (1993-2008)
  • Keating, Russell, TSgt, (1980-2000)
  • Lampert, Doug, TSgt, (1978-1998)
  • Lando, Christopher, SSgt, (1997-2008)
  • Lee, Carissa, TSgt, (1996-2008)
  • Loughrey, Sean, MSgt, (1987-2008)
  • Mangual, Dave, TSgt, (1991-2008)
  • Marvin, Anthony, TSgt, (2000-2016)
  • Mataraza, Steve, MSgt, (1986-2008)
  • Metz, Josh, SSgt, (2001-2008)
  • Mosher, Joe, MSgt, (1981-2003)
  • Muller, Nicholas, Airman, (2006-2008)
  • Murray, Thomas, SMSgt, (1970-1993)
  • Nyce, Glenn Ed, MSgt, (1985-2007)
  • Patton, John, TSgt, (1981-2002)
  • Peters, Mark, 1stSgt, (1990-Present)
  • Sipe, Sean, TSgt, (1991-2008)
  • SPRANGER, JEREMY, SSgt, (1996-2008)
  • Stevens, Thomas, TSgt, (1996-Present)
  • Stone, Rudy, Capt, (1971-1996)
  • Sutton, Chris, SSgt, (1992-2008)
  • Tritt, Edwin, MSgt, (1974-1995)
  • Vinyard, Mike, TSgt, (1983-2008)
  • Weaver, Jimmy, TSgt, (2000-Present)
  • Wellman, Charles, TSgt, (1992-2008)
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Air Force Recruiting Service
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Assignment 360th Recruiting Group
City: North Syracuse, NY The History of the Unit is Based on Wingman Profile date of assignments, by Wiki and other Sources. ------------------------------------------------------------ Inquires fo ... More
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Unit 313th Recruiting Squadron
City: North Syracuse, N.Y. ---------------------------------- Recruiter locations Albany, N.Y. Batavia, N.Y Bay Shore, N.Y. Brooklyn, N.Y. Brooklyn, N.Y. Bronx, N.Y. Bronx, N.Y. ... More
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