Baugh, Rickey, SSgt

Aerospace Maintenance
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Current Service Status
USAF Veteran
Current/Last Rank
Staff Sergeant
Current/Last Primary AFSC/MOS
2A7X3-Aircraft Structural Maintenance
Current/Last AFSC Group
Aerospace Maintenance
Primary Unit
1992-1992, 2A7X3, Air Combat Command
Previously Held AFSC/MOS
53510-Apprentice Corrosion Control Helper
53530-Apprentice Corrosion Control Specialist
427X1-Corrosion Control
42751-Corrosion Control Specialist
Service Years
1981 - 1992
Official/Unofficial US Air Force Certificates
Cold War Certificate
Voice Edition
Enlisted Collar Insignia
Staff Sergeant

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Missileman (Basic)

 Unofficial Badges 

US Air Force Honorable Discharge Cold War Medal Journeyman Technician US Air Force Honorable Discharge (Old Style)

Rapid Deployment Force

 Military Association Memberships
Air Force Sergeants Association (AFSA)Nuclear Weapons Technician AssociationAssociation of Air Force MissileersB-52 Stratofortress Association
Airlift/Tanker AssociationUSAF RotorheadsAmerican LegionDisabled American Veterans (DAV)
American Military SocietyNational Association of Uniformed Services (NAUS)Strategic Air Command Veterans AssociationAir Force Memorial (AFM)
  1982, Air Force Sergeants Association (AFSA) [Verified] - Assoc. Page
  1982, Nuclear Weapons Technician Association [Verified]
  1982, Association of Air Force Missileers [Verified] - Assoc. Page
  1983, B-52 Stratofortress Association [Verified]
  1983, Airlift/Tanker Association
  1983, USAF Rotorheads
  1993, American Legion [Verified]1 - Assoc. Page
  1995, Disabled American Veterans (DAV) [Verified] - Assoc. Page
  2008, American Military Society1
  2008, National Association of Uniformed Services (NAUS) [Verified] - Assoc. Page
  2011, Strategic Air Command Veterans Association [Verified]
  2011, Nuclear Weapons Technician Association [Verified]
  2016, Air Force Memorial (AFM) - Assoc. Page

 Additional Information
What are you doing now:
I have a Bachelor's degree from Buena Vista University in Iowa Falls in Criminal Justice and Psychology.
I have been helping the Air Force recruiters in my area for the last�25 years, to recruit new people into our great profession.
Other Comments:

I am currently helping other Veterans with their benefits and sending them to the proper representatives for the help they deserve.� I am operating my own part-time business of: Lanscaping, cleaning,�organizing, recycling, hauling, delivery, house sitting, home security, pet sitting,�home repair, running errands, detailing vehicles, upholstery, computer repair, furniture repair,�snow shoveling�and numerous miscellaneous jobs.

 Countries Deployed To or Visited

 Remembrance Profiles -  12 Airmen Remembered
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  • Lake, Elizabeth, SrA, (1985-1989)
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  • Patteson, Richard, TSgt, (1974-1994)
  • Stoyk, Keith, TSgt, (1980-2000)
  • Tuttle, Michael, Sgt, (1981-1986)
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  1982-1986, 2A7X3, Ellsworth Air Force Base

From Month/Year
April / 1982
To Month/Year
April / 1986
Ellsworth Air Force Base Unit Page
2A7X3-Aircraft Structural Maintenance
Rapid City
South Dakota
 Ellsworth Air Force Base Details

Ellsworth Air Force Base
Garrison - Base/ Installation
Parent Unit
Air Force Bases/Stations
Created/Owned By
Not Specified

Last Updated: Feb 9, 2013
My Photos For This Unit
Badlands National Park near Wall, S.D. in early 80's
Devil's Tower in Wyoming in 1984
Ellsworth AFB, S.D. main gate in early 80's
Mount Rushmore in S.D. in 1985
115 Members Also There at Same Time
Ellsworth Air Force Base

Gouveia, Dennis, CMSgt, (1972-1999) 2A 2A5X1 Technical Sergeant
Broll, Rick, MSgt, (1980-2001) 2A 2A6X2 Staff Sergeant
Corder, Tim, Sgt, (1983-1988) 421 42153 [Other Service Rank]
Tyson, Thomas, Lt Col, (1968-1993) 153 1535A Lieutenant Colonel
Higgins, John M, Maj, (1972-1992) 157 1571 Captain
McCary, Rick, Capt, (1972-1994) 183 1835 Captain
McCoy, Robert, Maj, (1979-1999) 161 1611 Captain
Hawkins, Carl, 1st Lt, (1978-1982) 157 1571 First Lieutenant
Bratek, Mark, SMSgt, (1967-1993) 812 81290 Senior Master Sergeant
Maddox, Anthony, MSgt, (1973-1995) 421 42173 Master Sergeant
Billings, William, MSgt, (1969-1993) 647 64770 Master Sergeant
Babb, Maria, TSgt, (1979-1999) 5J 5J0X1 Technical Sergeant
Buckner, Danny, CMSgt, (1971-1994) 811 81150 Technical Sergeant
Caples, Joseph, TSgt, (1971-1989) 811 81170 Technical Sergeant
Fritzie, Anthony, TSgt, (1963-1983) 922 92270B Technical Sergeant
Garcia, Ricardo, TSgt, (1974-1994) 631 63170 Technical Sergeant
McTighe, Larry, MSgt, (1974-1995) 732 73270 Technical Sergeant
Neats, Bonnie, TSgt, (1973-1990) 111 111X0 Technical Sergeant
Patteson, Richard, TSgt, (1974-1994) 535 53570 Technical Sergeant
Roof, Bert L., TSgt, (1971-1991) 391 39170C Technical Sergeant
Sprong, Danny, MSgt, (1972-1994) 463 46370 Technical Sergeant
Weathers, Michael, TSgt, (1976-1994) 3P 3P0X1 Technical Sergeant
White, Samuel, TSgt, (1965-1988) 645 64550 Technical Sergeant
Zack, Michael, MSgt, (1975-1998) 3E 3E5X1 Technical Sergeant
Ackerman, Ronald, TSgt, (1974-1992) 328 32874 Staff Sergeant
Bazinet, Philip, SMSgt, (1979-1997) 811 81170 Staff Sergeant
Bergeson, James, TSgt, (1972-1992) 811 81150 Staff Sergeant
Brafford, Don, MSgt, (1975-2000) 990 99000 Staff Sergeant
Brooks, David, TSgt, (1982-2002) 811 81150 Staff Sergeant
Cates, David, MSgt, (1975-1995) 321 32170 Staff Sergeant
Coffey, David, MSgt, (1975-1995) 1N 1N0X1 Staff Sergeant
Cottrell, Kevin, SSgt, (1980-1989) 571 57170 Staff Sergeant
Dodson, Wayne, TSgt, (1982-2005) 8X A 811X0 Staff Sergeant
Douglas, John, SSgt, (1979-1992) 472 47251A Staff Sergeant
Ellis, Ricardo, SSgt, (1980-1985) 535 53570 Staff Sergeant
Hasegawa, Tony, SSgt, (1981-1994) 551 55150 Staff Sergeant
Kime, Robert, SSgt, (1978-1990) 328 32873 Staff Sergeant
Kline, Terry, SSgt, (1981-1990) 452 45250 Staff Sergeant
Kozak, Phil, SSgt, (1973-1992) 811 81170 Staff Sergeant
Mackie, Robert, SSgt, (1973-1982) 328 32870A Staff Sergeant
Miller, William, MSgt, (1981-2011) 811 81150 Staff Sergeant
Polski, Charles, SSgt, (1983-1990) 631 63150B Staff Sergeant
Pray, Gregory, MSgt, (1981-2001) 1C 1C1X1 Staff Sergeant
Richards, James, SSgt, (1978-1992) 561 56170 Staff Sergeant
Sammarco, Carmine, TSgt, (1986-Present) 3E 3E1X1 Staff Sergeant
Skelton, Donald, SSgt, (1981-1987) 2M 2M0X2 Staff Sergeant
Velez, Richard, SMSgt, (1975-2001) 811 81150 Staff Sergeant
Velez, Richard, SMSgt, (1975-2001) 810 81070 Staff Sergeant
Wiercinski, Raymond, MSgt, (1983-2009) 753 75330 Staff Sergeant
Cutter, Sandy, MSgt, (1980-2001) 811 81150 Senior Airman
Foutch, Randall, Sgt, (1984-1988) 622 62250 Senior Airman
Altenbach, Conrad, MSgt, (1982-2002) 2S 2S0X1 Senior Airman
Anderson, Carl, SrA, (1982-1986) 811 81150 Senior Airman
Cooper, Barbara, TSgt, (1984-2009) 3M 3M0X1 Senior Airman
Drake, Daniel, SrA, (1979-1983) 391 39130A Senior Airman
Polite, Towasky, SrA, (1984-1988) 702 70250 Senior Airman
Roth, Michael, SrA, (1980-1984) 811 81150 Senior Airman
Stoyk, Keith, TSgt, (1980-2000) 541 54170 Senior Airman
Taylor, Rory, SrA, (1981-1986) 443 44330Q Senior Airman

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