Perry, William, SSgt

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Family Member
Current/Last Rank
Staff Sergeant
Current/Last Primary AFSC/MOS
2T2X1-Air Transportation
Current/Last AFSC Group
Primary Unit
2006-2007, 2T2X1, 332nd Expeditionary Logistics Readiness Squadron
Previously Held AFSC/MOS
9T000-Basic Enlisted Airman
2M0X3-Missile and Space Facilities
Service Years
1997 - 2008
Staff Sergeant

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Missileman (Basic)

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  2003-2003, 2T2X1, 345th Training Squadron

Senior Airman
From Month/Year
- / 2003
To Month/Year
- / 2003
345th Training Squadron Unit Page
Senior Airman
2T2X1-Air Transportation
Lackland AFB
 345th Training Squadron Details

345th Training Squadron
Garrison - Training Unit
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Training Units
Air Squadron
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Last Updated: May 25, 2008
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345th Training Squadron

ROWLES, DUANE, MSgt, (1991-Present) 2T 2T2X1 Technical Sergeant
Daker, Larry, SSgt, (2002-2008) 2T 2T2X1 Airman 1st Class
Denton, Krista, SSgt, (2003-2008) 2T 2T2X1 Airman 1st Class
Kennedy, Samantha, SSgt, (2003-Present) 2T 2T2X1 Airman 1st Class
Ladrigan, Michael, SSgt, (2003-2008) 2T 2T2X1 Airman 1st Class
Lopez, Frank, SSgt, (2002-2010) 2T 2T2X1 Airman 1st Class
McDermott, Joshua, A1C, (2005-2008) 2T 2T2X1 Airman 1st Class
Warman, Marc, SSgt, (2003-2008) 2T 2T2X1 Airman 1st Class
Czerwonka, Mark, SSgt, (2002-2008) 2T 2T2X1 Airman
Encinias, Armando, SrA, (2003-Present) 2T 2T2X1 Airman
Hancock, Gary, SSgt, (2003-2011) 2T 2T2X1 Airman Basic
Kordsmeier, Felicia, SrA, (2002-2008) 2T 2T2X1 Airman Basic
Pike, Bobby, SSgt, (2003-Present) 2T 2T2X1 Airman Basic
Altmaier, Dawn, SMSgt, (1992-2013) 2T 2T0X1 Technical Sergeant
Umfleet, Mark, TSgt, (1997-2008) 2T 2T0X1 Technical Sergeant
Perez, Michael, SSgt, (2001-Present) 2T 2T0X1 Staff Sergeant
Pyle, Brenda, TSgt, (1994-2008) 2T 2T0X1 Staff Sergeant
Esoldo, Chris, Maj, (1994-Present) 21 21L X Second Lieutenant
Walters, Rodney, MSgt, (1984-2007) 2G 2G0X1 Master Sergeant
Accomando, Mary, MSgt, (1988-2010) 6C 6C0X1 Technical Sergeant
Demnyan, Kami, SSgt, (1997-2008) 2T3 2T3X1 Staff Sergeant
Harvey, Mark, SSgt, (2003-2008) 8X 8B100 Staff Sergeant
Talbott, Jacqueline, SSgt, (1985-2005) 3A 3A0X1 Staff Sergeant
Caballero, Saul, SSgt, (1996-2008) 3S 3S0X1 Senior Airman
Martinez, Laura, TSgt, (2008-Present) 3A 3A0X1 Senior Airman
Johnson, Ryan, A1C, (2007-2008) 2S 2S0X1 Airman 1st Class
Kellerhouse, Richard, SSgt, (2003-2008) 2T3 2T3X1 Airman 1st Class
Marshall, Kevin, SSgt, (2003-2008) 2T3 2T3X1 Airman 1st Class
Quino, Richard, SrA, (2002-2008) 2T3 2T3X1 Airman 1st Class
Ruggs, Roosevelt, SSgt, (2003-2008) 2S 2S0X1 Airman 1st Class
Wurster, Melissa, SrA, (2003-2012) 2G 2G0X1 Airman 1st Class
Lopez, Aleixer, SrA, (2003-2008) 21 21S Airman
Loseke, Brenna, TSgt, (2002-Present) 6C 6C0X1 Airman
Bonds, Jordan, SSgt, (2003-2008) 6C 6C0X1 Airman Basic
Carlisle, Korin, SrA, (2002-2007) 2S 2S0X1 Airman Basic
Maynard, Matthew, SSgt, (2003-2008) 2T3 2T3X1 Airman Basic
Moore, Timothy, SSgt, (2003-Present) 11 11A1X Airman Basic
Shrubb, Denise, SrA, (2003-2008) 2S 2S0X1 Airman Basic
Townsend, Michael, SrA, (2003-2010) 2S 2S0X1 Airman Basic
Minard, Steve, MSgt, (1989-2008) Master Sergeant
Shrubb, Nicholas, SrA, (2003-2008) Senior Airman
Hopper, James, SSgt, (2003-2008) Airman 1st Class
Rios, John, SSgt, (2002-2013) Airman 1st Class
Garcia, David, SSgt, (2003-2008) Airman
Alexander, Shannon, SSgt, (1997-2008) Airman Basic
Dotson, Jason, SrA, (2003-2008) Airman Basic
Olsen, Michael, SrA, (2003-2008) Airman Basic
Sebastian, Arun, SSgt, (2003-2008) Airman Basic
345th Training Squadron Detachment 1

Chacin, Anthony, SSgt, (2003-2009) 2T 2T2X1 Airman 1st Class
Bonin, Steven, MSgt, (1990-2013) 2T3 2T3X7 Technical Sergeant
Johnson, Jerry, SrA, (2002-2012) 2T3 2T3X1 Airman 1st Class
Raigoza, Natasha, A1C, (2000-2003) 471 47152 Airman 1st Class
McConnaughy, Adam, MSgt, (2002-Present) 2T3 2T3X1 Airman

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