Encinas, Ruben L., SSgt

Meteorological Services
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Current Service Status
USAF Veteran
Current/Last Rank
Staff Sergeant
Current/Last Primary AFSC/MOS
25251-Weather Observer
Current/Last AFSC Group
Meteorological Services
Primary Unit
1967-1973, Air Weather Service
Previously Held AFSC/MOS
25210-Weather Observer Trainee
25231A-Apprentice Weather Observer
25271A-Weather Observer Technician
Service Years
1967 - 1973
Voice Edition
Staff Sergeant

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 Military Association Memberships
National Rifle Association (NRA)Thailand-Laos-Cambodia BrotherhoodAir Weather AssociationAmerican Legion
Air Commando AssociationAir Force Memorial (AFM)
  1969, National Rifle Association (NRA)
  2001, Thailand-Laos-Cambodia Brotherhood [Verified]1 - Assoc. Page
  2005, Air Weather Association
  2013, American Legion - Assoc. Page
  2014, Air Commando Association [Verified]
  2015, Air Force Memorial (AFM) [Verified] - Assoc. Page

 Additional Information
What are you doing now:
Retired from Federal Civil Service with 40 years.  Most memorable:  QA Specialist Ammunition Surveillance (Dept of the Army Civilian) and National Weather Service at Stephenville, TX (Weather Radar/Upper Air Specialist)

I travel to places of my choice in my Lance trailer, do a lot of reloading and shooting, reading, genealogy, photography and whatever else I fancy.

Serve as a Campground Host Volunteer at Chaco Culture National Historic Park, NM and have also campground hosted at Three Rivers Petroglyph Site, NM.

Have worked on three Archeaological Surveys in New Mexico as a metal detector specialist and cartridge identifier.

Other Comments:
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  1967-1967, 25210, 3345th Technical School, Technical Training Center - Chanute

Airman 3rd Class
From Month/Year
March / 1967
To Month/Year
August / 1967
3345th Technical School Unit Page
Airman 3rd Class
25210-Weather Observer Trainee
Chanute AFB
 3345th Technical School, Technical Training Center - Chanute Details

3345th Technical School, Technical Training Center - Chanute
Garrison - Training Command
Parent Unit
Technical Training Center - Chanute
Formal School
Created/Owned By
Not Specified

Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020
Memories For This Unit

Best Friends
A3C Jose Chavira

Best Moment
Guide for the 57th


Worst Moment
five weeks in Casuals

Other Memories
Chanute celebrated the 50th anniversary while I was there. Assigned to 3357 Student Squadron.

My Photos For This Unit
No Available Photos
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3345th Technical School

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3345th Technical School Detachment 1

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HQ 3345th Technical School Detachment 3

Hollister, Richard, Sgt, (1965-1969) 203 Airman 2nd Class
Potts, Larry, MSgt, (1967-1991) 203 Airman 3rd Class
Tech Training Center Headquarters Squadron

Brown, George, TSgt, (1952-1970) 645 64570 Technical Sergeant
Technical Training Center - Chanute

LaVergne, Patrick, SSgt, (1967-1974) 252 25231A Airman
Williams, Joe, Col, (1953-1979) 66 00066 Colonel
Marrs, George, MSgt, (1952-1973) 421 42173 Technical Sergeant
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Sablan, Artemio, Capt, (1966-1991) 421 42133 Airman 1st Class
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Brueggen, John, SSgt, (1967-1971) 434 43430 Airman 3rd Class
Pindilli, Joe, SSgt, (1967-1974) 431 43131E Airman 3rd Class
Steward, Ronny, MSgt, (1966-1987) 422 42231 Airman 3rd Class
Swigart, James, Lt Col, (1967-1998) 316 31630T Airman 3rd Class
Weller, William, Lt Col, (1966-1996) 342 34230 Airman 3rd Class
Faust, Robert, SMSgt, (1966-2003) 431 43131E Airman Basic
Decker, Jay, SSgt, (1966-1970) 4 Airman Basic
Bates, William, MSgt, (1960-2002) 311 Staff Sergeant
Cunningham, David, Sgt, (1965-1971) 751 Airman 2nd Class
Ciesla, Herbert, Sgt, (1967-1971) 304 Airman
Binney, Rich, Sgt, (1966-1970) 00 Airman Basic
Warmuth, William, Sgt, (1966-1970) Airman 2nd Class
Chambers, Willie, SSgt, (1967-1972) Airman 3rd Class
Holland, Hugh, SSgt, (1967-1971) Airman 3rd Class
Technical Training Instructors Course

Cloud, Kennard, MSgt, (1954-1974) 302 30270 Staff Sergeant
Tettemer, Stacy, Sgt, (1965-1969) 421 42153 Sergeant

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