Anderson, Tommy, TSgt

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Current Service Status
USAF Retired
Current/Last Rank
Technical Sergeant
Current/Last Primary AFSC/MOS
Current/Last AFSC Group
Primary Unit
1971-1978, 8R000, 3506th Recruiting Group
Previously Held AFSC/MOS
116X0-Airborne Communications Systems Operator
1N2X1-Communications and Signals Intelligence Production
Service Years
1956 - 1978
Technical Sergeant

 Official Badges 

Defense Intelligence Agency Strategic Command (Pre 2002) Air Education and Training Command Instructor Basic Air Force Recruiting Service

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Air Force Sergeants Association (AFSA)
  2008, Air Force Sergeants Association (AFSA) [Verified] - Assoc. Page

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kicken back and fishin as much as I can.  If I get caight on my way out I work in the garden, ride my garden tractor around and mow the property. 
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  • MacDonald, Richard, TSgt
  • Martin, Harold, CMSgt
  • Monti, Peter, SSgt

  1960-1961, 116X0, Air Defense Command (ADC)

Airman 1st Class
From Month/Year
- / 1960
To Month/Year
- / 1961
Air Defense Command (ADC) Unit Page
Airman 1st Class
116X0-Airborne Communications Systems Operator
 Air Defense Command (ADC) Details

Air Defense Command (ADC)

In 1959 Air Defense Command (ADC) established a Semi Automatic Ground Environment (SAGE) Data Center (DC-18) was established at Beale AFB.

The SAGE system was a network linking Air Force (and later FAA) General Surveillance Radar stations into a centralized center for Air Defense, intended to provide early warning and response for a Soviet nuclear attack. The Ground Air Transmitting Receiving (GATR) Site (R-18) for communications was located at approximately 1.1 miles souh-southwest from the SAGE building. Normally the GATR site was connected by a pair of buried telephone cables, with a backup connection of dual telephone cables overhead.

DC-18 was initially under the San Francisco Air Defense Sector (SFADS), established on 15 February 1959. DC-18 and the SFADS was inactivated on 1 August 1963 as part of an ADC consolidation and reorganization, with its assigned units assigned to other ADC Sectors. The GATR was reassigned to Mill Valley AFS (Z-38) as an annex designated OL-A, 666th Radar Squadron. Today the large SAGE building is now building 2145, housing the 9th Reconnaissance Technical Squadron; the GATR was inactivated in 1980 and the building is now part of a Skeet-shooting range.

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Air Defense Command (ADC)

Green, Herschel Harper, Col, (1941-1964) M21 M 2140 Colonel
Askew, Glenn, Lt Col, (1959-1981) 701 7016 Lieutenant Colonel
Bryan, Donald Septimus, Lt Col, (1942-1964) 102 1021A Lieutenant Colonel
Paschall, Lee McQuerter, Lt Gen, (1940-1978) 653 6531 Lieutenant Colonel
Dailey, Cole Major, Lt Col, (1942-1973) 731 7311 Major
Penn, Percy J., Maj, (1952-1972) 153 1535E Captain
Hudson, Maurice, CMSgt, (1947-1970) 301 30190 Chief Master Sergeant
Koetje, Willard (Bill), CMSgt, (1945-1977) 733 73391 Chief Master Sergeant
Olney, Norman, SMSgt, (1952-1977) 812 81291 Senior Master Sergeant
Clark, Leonard, MSgt, (1955-1976) 431 43190 Master Sergeant
Harris, Joe, MSgt, (1946-1973) 421 423X4 Master Sergeant
Steichen, Mathew, MSgt, (1951-1971) 733 73391 Master Sergeant
Gerber, Earl, TSgt, (1951-1971) 303 30372 Technical Sergeant
Lowery, Claude, Capt, (1954-1975) 303 30372 Technical Sergeant
Giles, Chuck, CMSgt, (1955-1985) 432 43271 Staff Sergeant
Johnson, Roger, CMSgt, (1956-1985) 276 27650 Staff Sergeant
Kever, Beryl, SSgt, (1945-1965) 702 70270 Staff Sergeant
Pennell, Benjamin N., SMSgt, (1954-1983) 273 27372 Staff Sergeant
Pennell, Benjamin N., SMSgt, (1954-1983) 273 27370B Staff Sergeant
Robey, Richard, MSgt, (1961-1991) 322 32251A Staff Sergeant
Stockton, Don, Maj, (1954-1980) 423 42350 Staff Sergeant
Strom, Wesley E., TSgt, (1950-1974) 902 90270 Staff Sergeant
Strom, Wesley E., TSgt, (1950-1974) 902 90270 Staff Sergeant
Vespa, Charles, MSgt, (1951-1974) 702 70270 Staff Sergeant
Fillinger, Robert, SrA, (1957-1961) 2W 2W1X1Z Senior Airman
Anderson, James, A1C, (1958-1966) 304 30452 Airman 1st Class
Booher, Samuel, A1C, (1961-1965) 391 43131B Airman 1st Class
Boyce, John, A1C, (1956-1960) 304 30452 Airman 1st Class
Cyr, Lynwood, A1C, (1959-1964) 363 36350B Airman 1st Class
Fleming, Karl, CMSgt, (1956-1985) 702 70250 Airman 1st Class
Galvan, Ronald, A1C, (1961-1965) 732 73250B Airman 1st Class
Hines, David, A1C, (1958-1963) 301 30151B Airman 1st Class
Kessler, Lawwrence, A1C, (1956-1960) 303 30352 Airman 1st Class
Kroninger, Larry, A1C, (1959-1963) 431 43171C Airman 1st Class
Kroninger, Larry, A1C, (1959-1963) 431 43171C Airman 1st Class
Kroninger, Larry, A1C, (1959-1963) 431 43171C Airman 1st Class
Mooring, James, CMSgt, (1961-1991) 702 70250 Airman 1st Class
Olsavsky, Michael, A1C, (1958-1962) 301 30150 Airman 1st Class
Parnham, Philip, A1C, (1959-1963) 391 39150 Airman 1st Class
Ray, James, A1C, (1958-1962) 421 Airman 1st Class
Shrader, Arthur, A1C, (1957-1961) 982 98250 Airman 1st Class
Townsend, Floyd, A1C, (1961-1965) 273 27350B Airman 1st Class
Walters, William, TSgt, (1961-1981) 702 70250 Airman 1st Class
Smith, Ronald, 1stSgt, (1954-1974) 00 00000 Airman 1st Class
Southwell, Arthur M., A2C, (1959-1961) 21 21AX Airman 1st Class
Capper, Jerry, A2C, (1956-1960) 274 27350 Airman 2nd Class
Carey, Frank, A2C, (1959-1963) 291 29150 Airman 2nd Class
Dube, Romeo, A1C, (1959-1964) 00 00000 Airman 2nd Class
Galbraith, Jerry, A2C, (1957-1961) 631 63130 Airman 2nd Class
Hinojosa, Nicasio, A2C, (1960-1964) 990 99015 Airman 2nd Class
Iannaco, Ronald, A2C, (1959-1963) 571 57130 Airman 2nd Class
Nash, Allen, A2C, (1961-1966) 291 29150 Airman 2nd Class
Pfeiffer, Lawrence, A2C, (1957-1961) 461 46150 Airman 2nd Class
Schulz, Michael, A2C, (1959-1962) 322 32250 Airman 2nd Class
Seidman, Lee, A2C, (1960-1964) 471 47150 Airman 2nd Class
Spencer, Olin, SMSgt, (1960-2002) 322 32251F Airman 2nd Class
Spencer, Terry, A2C, (1956-1960) 303 30352 Airman 2nd Class
Wymola, Charles, SMSgt, (1961-1993) 271 27150 Airman 2nd Class
Waschmann, Waldemar, A2C, (1957-1961) 643 64350 Airman

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