Quivers, Robin Ophelia, Capt

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9751A-Clinical Nurse
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Medical Services
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1978-1990, Air Force Reserve Command
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1975 - 1990
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  1978-1990, Air Force Reserve Command
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- / 1978
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- / 1990
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 Air Force Reserve Command Details

Air Force Reserve Command
The Air Force Reserve Command is a Major Command of the United States Air Force, with its headquarters stationed at Robins Air Force Base, Georgia. It is the federally controlled Air Reserve Component of the U.S. Air Force, consisting of duly appointed commissioned officers and enlisted airmen.
AFRC supports the Air Force mission to defend the United States through the control and exploitation of air and space by supporting Global Engagement. AFRC also plays an integral role in the day-to-day Air Force mission and is not strictly a force held in reserve for possible war or contingency operations.

The federal reserve component of the United States Air Force, AFRC has approximately 450 aircraft assigned for which it has sole control. as well as access to several hundred additional active duty USAF aircraft via AFRC "Associate" wings that are collocated with active duty Air Force wings, sharing access to those aircraft.. The inventory includes the latest, most capable models of aircraft that are also assigned to the active-duty U.S. Air Force. On any given day, 99 percent of AFRC's aircraft are mission-ready and able to deploy within 72 hours.

The purpose of the Air Force Reserve as derived from Title 10 United States Code is to:
Provide combat-ready units and individuals for active duty whenever there are not enough trained units and people in the Regular component of the Air Force to perform any national security mission.

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Air Force Reserve Command

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Penkaul, Joseph Henry, Brig Gen, (1958-1996) Brigadier General
Riess, Louis Charles, Brig Gen, (1943-1982) 66 00066 Brigadier General
Certain, Robert Glenn, Col, (1969-1999) 52 52RXA Colonel
Cohen, Sydney M., Col, (1942-1980) Colonel
Grubaugh, Neal, Col, (1942-1982) Colonel
Heller, William Charles, Col, (1943-1980) 11 Colonel
Teiber, Joseph, Col, (1964-1999) 703 7031 Colonel
Campbell, Burton Wayne, Lt Col, (1962-1984) Lieutenant Colonel
Cancilleri, Ramon, Lt Col, (1972-2008) 21 21RX Lieutenant Colonel
Christensen, Fred Joseph, Lt Col, (1942-1981) Lieutenant Colonel
Lunsford, Glenn, T., Col, (1972-1999) 66 00066 Lieutenant Colonel
Shaw, Donald Edwin, Lt Col, (1943-1984) 11 Lieutenant Colonel
Arand, Robert G., Maj, (1941-1983) 102 1021A Major
Guyer, Lawrence, Maj, (1969-1992) 702 7024 Major
Jones, Donald Pickren, Maj, (1942-1980) Major
Thompson, Robert, Lt Col, (1969-1997) Major
Wilson, Harold, Maj, (1966-1986) 731 7316 Major
Albert, Edward, Lt Col, (1968-1993) 812 8124 Captain
Beaman, Richard, Maj, (1975-2003) 12 12FX Captain
Schoeck, David, Capt, (1969-1972) 604 6041 Captain
Taylor, Edwin, Capt, (1963-1996) 732 7324 Captain
Cook, Donald, CMSgt, (1966-1992) 271 27190 Chief Master Sergeant
Faust, Robert, SMSgt, (1966-2003) 2A 2A5X1 Senior Master Sergeant
Franklin, James E., SMSgt, (1970-1995) 1A 1A2X1 Senior Master Sergeant
Kirkpatrick, Richard, SMSgt, (1968-2005) 2A 2A5X0 Senior Master Sergeant
Neal, Danny, SMSgt, (1978-2001) 3E 3E1X1 Senior Master Sergeant
Pelletier, Dana, SMSgt, (1968-2006) Senior Master Sergeant
Thompson, Antonio, SMSgt, (1983-2007) 732 73290 Senior Master Sergeant
White, Anthony, SMSgt, (1981-2005) 8X 8R000 Senior Master Sergeant
Hall, Harry, SMSgt, (1966-1988) Senior Master Sergeant
Kiedrowski, Michael, SMSgt, (1969-1993) Senior Master Sergeant
Kvalheim, David, SMSgt, (1977-1998) 1N 1N0X1 Senior Master Sergeant
Rader, Bill, SMSgt, (1967-1993) 732 73290 Senior Master Sergeant
Balbierz, Ted, MSgt, (1985-2005) 1A 1A2X1 Master Sergeant
Coffin, Doyle, MSgt, (1965-1999) 273 27332 Master Sergeant
Dasinger, Harold, MSgt, (1972-1992) Master Sergeant
Dentz, Jeffrey, MSgt, (1986-2009) 2A 2A6X1 Master Sergeant
Gaunt, Gregory, MSgt, (1985-Present) 2A 2A5X Master Sergeant
Martin, Jim, MSgt, (1966-2004) Master Sergeant
McElroy, Thomas, MSgt, (1975-1994) Master Sergeant
Moran, Jerry, CMSgt, (1961-1992) 1C 1C3X1 Master Sergeant
Pridgen, Steve, MSgt, (1982-2006) 3P 3P0X1 Master Sergeant
Snyder, Pete, SMSgt, (1964-1993) 995 99500 Master Sergeant
Bernosky, Frank, MSgt, (1966-1986) 431 43191 Master Sergeant
Hull, Garold, MSgt, (1968-1988) 231 23171 Master Sergeant
McCluskey, Gene, MSgt, (1956-1984) 403 40370 Master Sergeant

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