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20650-Photo Interpretation Specialist
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1966-1968, 20650, 2nd Reconnaissance Technical Squadron
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20630-Imagery Interpreter Specialist
20650-Imagery Interpreter Specialist
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1966 - 1969
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Strategic Command (Pre 2002) Tactical Air Command Pacific Air Forces

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US Air Force Honorable Discharge Cold War Medal Vietnam Veteran 50th Commemoration Vietnam 50th Anniversary

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  2015, Air Force Memorial (AFM) [Verified] - Assoc. Page

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Feb 2017 - Retired
Fidelity Investments, Sr Software Engineer/Developer for 12 years.
Bath Iron Works as a Computer Programmer (2015).
Fidelity (Veritude) contracting assignments 2015-2017.

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  1968-1969, 20650, 432nd Tactical Reconnaissance Wing

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September / 1968
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May / 1969
432nd Tactical Reconnaissance Wing Unit Page
20650-Photo Interpretation Specialist
 432nd Tactical Reconnaissance Wing Details

432nd Tactical Reconnaissance Wing

Vietnam War

On 18 September 1966, the 432d Tactical Reconnaissance Wing (TRW) was activated at Udon RTAFB, Thailand as an McDonnell Douglas RF-4C Phantom II wing. At Udon, it became one of the most diversified units of its size in the Air Force.

The mission of the wing was to provide intelligence information about hostile forces through tactical reconnaissance and use its fighter elements to destroy the targets earmarked by the intelligence data provided. The wing had numerous missions in the support area. The 432d TRW accounted for more than 80 percent of all reconnaissance activity over North Vietnam.

In addition to the reconnaissance mission, the 432d also had a tactical fighter squadron component, with two (13th Tactical Fighter Squadron, 555th Tactical Fighter Squadron) F-4C/D squadrons assigned. The squadrons flew strike missions over North Vietnam and the pilots and weapon systems officers of the 13 TFS and 555 TFS were credited with MiG kills.

In 1968, the 7th Airborne Command and Control Squadron (7th ACCS), flying specialized Lockheed C-130 Hercules aircraft, became part of the 432d. The squadron had been attached to the wing as a temporary duty unit from Da Nang Air Base, South Vietnam. Another unit assigned was the 4th Special Operations Squadron (4th SOS) flying various (AC-47, AC-119) gunships that supported ground units.[9]

In the fall of 1970 the wing was phased down as part of the overall American withdrawal from the Vietnam War; however, in 1972 tactical fighter strength was augmented by deployed Tactical Air Command CONUS-based tactical fighter squadrons being attached to the 432d in response to the North Vietnamese invasion of South Vietnam. In addition, the 421st TFS was reassigned trom Takhli RTAFB. During Operation Linebacker, between May and October 1972, the 432d TRW had seven F-4 tactical fighter squadrons assigned or attached, (13th, 56th, 308th, 414th, 421st, 523d and 555th) making it the largest wing in the USAF. The three Vietnam era Airforce Aces all came from the 432d – two from the 555th and one from the 13th. The CONUS-based squadrons returned to the United States in the fall of 1972.

As a result of the Paris Peace Accords of 1973, the numbers of USAF personnel and aircraft at Udon were reduced. The 421st TFS was inactivated in August and the 555th was reassigned to Luke AFB in 1974. By the spring of 1975, two operational squadrons remained, the 14th TRS (RF-4C) and the 13th TFS (F-4D/E).

Forces from the 432d participated in the SS Mayaguez action in May 1975, sinking two Cambodian Khmer Rouge ships. By 1975, the political climate between Washington and Bangkok had become sour and the Royal Thai Government wanted the USAF out of Thailand by the end of the year. Palace Lightning was the plan under which the USAF would withdraw its aircraft and personnel from Thailand.[14]

The 423nd TFW was inactivated on 23 December 1975. The 13th TFSs F-4E aircraft and some support personnel were reassigned to the 3d TFW at Clark AB, Philippines and the F-4D aircraft and support personnel to the 18th TFW at Kadena Air Base, Okinawa. The 14th TRS was inactivated and the RF-4Cs were sent to Shaw AFB, South Carolina. The last USAF personnel departed Udon RTAFB on 8 January 1976.[9]

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Air Force Wings
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645 Withers, Douglas (Doug), TSgt 48

Last Updated: Jun 5, 2020
My Photos For This Unit
432TRW HQ building 1968-69
432TRW HQ building 1968-69
Ed Flaherty-Udorn 1968
432TRW - Udorn - Clinic  Sick Call
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432nd Tactical Reconnaissance Wing

Silar, Bruce, SSgt, (1966-1969) 206 20650 Sergeant
Sharp, Richard, SSgt, (1968-1972) 206 20670 Staff Sergeant
Heckel, Charles Clark, Col, (1942-1975) 112 1121Z Colonel
Smith, Ronald R., Col, (1943-1973) 36 0036 Colonel
Gillenwaters, Harold, Col, (1964-1990) 132 1325F Captain
Greenhalgh, Terry Lynn, Capt, (1963-1968) 102 1021A Captain
Ruhling, Mark John, Lt Col 155 1555D Captain
Shay, Donald Emerson, Maj, (1967-1970) 158 1585A Captain
Stonebraker, Kenneth Arnold, Lt Col, (1960-1968) 153 1535R Captain
Stroven, William Harry, Capt, (1964-1968) 132 1325F Captain
Thomas, Leo Tarlton, Capt, (1963-1971) 111 1115A Captain
Bonner, John, Lt Col, (1968-1989) A23 AAF MOS 1051 First Lieutenant
Ferguson, Douglas David, Capt, (1967-1969) 111 1115R First Lieutenant
Petersen, Dennis, Capt, (1967-1972) 104 1045Z First Lieutenant
Webster, William, Capt, (1965-1969) 792 7921 First Lieutenant
Cable, Quinton, MSgt, (1955-1978) 328 32874 Master Sergeant
Cooley, John, MSgt, (1966-1987) 462 46270 Master Sergeant
Nelson, Kenneth, MSgt, (1953-1973) 702 70270 Master Sergeant
Austin, Melvin, MSgt, (1953-1973) 771 77170 Technical Sergeant
Barboza, John, TSgt, (1952-1973) 291 29170 Technical Sergeant
Briner, Lee, MSgt, (1952-1972) 431 43171C Technical Sergeant
Dolven, James, TSgt, (1963-1979) 241 24170 Technical Sergeant
Bruce, Robert, SSgt, (1966-1970) 671 67153 Staff Sergeant
Daniels, Orel, SSgt, (1963-1971) 328 32874 Staff Sergeant
Gaines, James (Jim), Maj, (1961-1989) 234 23450 Staff Sergeant
Hamilton, Louis, SSgt, (1963-1971) 702 70270 Staff Sergeant
Marquez, Raymundo, SSgt, (1967-1971) 645 64550 Staff Sergeant
Pirrello, Richard, SSgt, (1966-1970) 431 43151C Staff Sergeant
Renaux, Rogier, SSgt, (1962-1970) 543 54370 Staff Sergeant
Theriault, Lawrence, SSgt, (1966-1970) 204 20450 Staff Sergeant
Anderson, Robert, SSgt, (1966-1970) 402 40250 Sergeant
Berrier, Gary, SMSgt, (1968-1994) 402 40250 Sergeant
Bogush, Terence, Sgt, (1965-1968) 301 30154 Sergeant
Chancey, James, SSgt, (1966-1970) 421 42153 Sergeant
Conner, Donnie, Sgt, (1966-1970) 671 67153 Sergeant
Dickmann, Dennis, Sgt, (1965-1969) 702 70250 Sergeant
Flood, Ronald, Sgt, (1969-1973) 301 30151 Sergeant
Henning, Doug, Sgt, (1967-1971) 304 30450 Sergeant
Jones, Edwin, Sgt, (1969-1973) 204 20450 Sergeant
Kinney, Paul, Sgt, (1968-1976) 204 20450 Sergeant
Leonardo, Bruce, TSgt, (1968-1991) 423 42354 Sergeant
McCallon, Gregory, Sgt, (1966-1972) 431 43151C Sergeant
McIntosh, Carl, Sgt, (1967-1971) 204 20450 Sergeant
Morgan, Tom, SSgt, (1969-1976) 328 32850 Sergeant
Newton, Roy, Sgt, (1965-1970) 402 40250A Sergeant
Queen, Larry, Sgt, (1966-1969) 922 92250 Sergeant
Rosenbloom, Martin, Sgt, (1965-1968) 402 40250A Sergeant
Rowland, Eugene, Sgt, (1966-1969) 462 46250 Sergeant
Rowse, Terence, SSgt, (1966-1970) 293 29352 Sergeant
Secatch, Steve, Sgt, (1967-1971) 631 63150 Sergeant
Snicale, Jeffrey, SSgt, (1967-1971) 901 90150 Sergeant
Tentindo, Tony, Sgt, (1966-1970) 402 40250 Sergeant
Wegg, Michael, Sgt, (1967-1971) 325 32550A Sergeant
Weldon, Richard, SSgt, (1966-1973) 647 64770 Sergeant
Ramsey, David, A1C, (1966-1970) 232 23250 Airman 1st Class
Gleason, George, A2C, (1965-1968) 301 30154 Airman 1st Class
Bernstein, Curtis, MSgt, (1968-1992) 402 40230 Airman 1st Class
Ott, William August, Col, (1956-1970) 132 Captain
Stewart, Charles, Capt, (1964-1984) 470 Captain

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