Sayles, Wayne, Capt

Communications Systems
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Current Service Status
USAF Retired
Current/Last Rank
Current/Last Primary AFSC/MOS
3031-Communications Officer
Current/Last AFSC Group
Communications Systems
Primary Unit
1975-1976, 3031, 1817th Reserve Advisor Squadron
Previously Held AFSC/MOS
30450B-Radio Relay Equipment Repairman
30450-Radio Relay Equipment Repairman
30470-Radio Relay Equipment Maintenance Technician
3031-Communications Maintenance Officer
Service Years
1961 - 1982
Officer Collar Insignia

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See bio at
Other Comments:
Am currently hosting a reunion for the 416th Bomb Group (WWII) in Branson, Missouri.  Am working on several video and book projects.
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  1964-1966, 30450, 728th Tactical Control Squadron

Airman 1st Class
From Month/Year
June / 1964
To Month/Year
December / 1966
728th Tactical Control Squadron Unit Page
Airman 1st Class
30450-Radio Relay Equipment Repairman
Det 1, Fort Bragg
North Carolina
 728th Tactical Control Squadron Details

Combat - Command, Control, Intelligence
Parent Unit
Tactical Control Units
Air Squadron
Created/Owned By
1A Gallon, Donn, SSgt 1

Last Updated: May 6, 2015
Memories For This Unit

Best Friends
Rich Yelich
Ernie Walwyn
Dennis Schufelt

Best Moment
Birth of my daughter Stephanie at the Naval Air Station, Orlando, Florida.


Worst Moment
Contracted malaria while serving with InterAmerican Peace Force at San Isidro AB, Dominican Republic. 

Chain of Command
Major Harris, Commander
SSgt George Keepes, NCOIC Radio Relay Section

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26 Members Also There at Same Time
728th Tactical Control Squadron

Gaw, Joseph, Sgt, (1965-1969) 304 30450 Sergeant
Hughes, Richard, SMSgt, (1960-1986) 304 30450 Airman 1st Class
Lash, Charles, CMSgt, (1963-2005) 304 30450 Airman 1st Class
Murphy, Robert, SMSgt, (1959-1985) 304 30470 Staff Sergeant
Mallison, George, A1C, (1961-1965) 304 30454 Airman 1st Class
Mercier, Joseph, A1C, (1961-1965) 304 30454 Airman 1st Class
Donoho, Michael, Capt, (1964-1969) 174 1741 Second Lieutenant
Van Winkle, David, Col, (1966-1988) 174 1741A Second Lieutenant
Bichard, Ed, MSgt, (1961-1982) 307 30750 Staff Sergeant
Cosner, Delmer, SSgt, (1965-1968) 306 30650C Staff Sergeant
Woodson, Harold, SSgt, (1965-1972) 473 47350 Staff Sergeant
Dillon, Richard, CMSgt, (1960-2002) 2E 2E2X1 Senior Airman
Bentley, Jerry, Sgt, (1966-1969) 270 27050 Sergeant
Blount, Warren, Sgt, (1966-1970) 293 29350 Sergeant
Brazell, William, Sgt, (1965-1969) 303 30352 Sergeant
LoCurto, Ronald, Sgt, (1966-1970) 471 47151 Sergeant
Caruso, Michael, MSgt, (1958-1978) 273 27350 Airman 1st Class
Cole, Gilbert, TSgt, (1954-1974) 273 27350 Airman 1st Class
Johnson, James, A1C, (1960-1964) 421 42153 Airman 1st Class
Blair, F. Michael, Sgt, (1965-1968) 291 29130 Airman 2nd Class
Reaties, Willliam, MSgt, (1965-1991) 273 27350 Airman 2nd Class
Weckworth, Vance, MSgt, (1963-1984) 273 27330 Airman 2nd Class
Webb, Roy, Sgt, (1965-1969) 00 Sergeant
Culberson, Jerry, SSgt, (1956-1976) Airman 1st Class
Gunter, Charles, MSgt, (1964-1985) Airman 1st Class
Detachment 1

Ackerman, William, A2C, (1961-1965) 00 00E Airman 2nd Class

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