Easterly, Leon, Sgt

Aircraft Maintenance
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USAF Veteran
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43151C-Jet Aircraft Mechanic
Current/Last AFSC Group
Aircraft Maintenance
Primary Unit
1967-1968, 43151C, 3902nd Air Base Wing
Previously Held AFSC/MOS
43151C-Aircraft Maintenance Specialist
Service Years
1964 - 1968
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  1967-1968, 43151C, 3902nd Air Base Wing

From Month/Year
October / 1967
To Month/Year
October / 1968
3902nd Air Base Wing Unit Page
43151C-Aircraft Maintenance Specialist
Offutt AFB
 3902nd Air Base Wing Details

3902nd Air Base Wing
Combat - Command Element
Parent Unit
Air Force Air Base Wings
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Last Updated: Nov 12, 2015
Memories For This Unit

Best Friends
was assistant dock chief phased inspectin, on T39's with exception of two guys, I worked with a great group of guys who would " bust thier humps to get the birds back to flight duty"  two of them were worthless pukes. ( they know who they are)  

Best Moment
oct,11,1968      Discharge  Day!!!!!


Worst Moment
when I went to pick up a girl for a date to a squadron picknic, and Ralph, who I thought was my best friend walked out of her place with her, and she said she only agreed to the date to meet  other guys. good riddance to them both!!!!!!!!!!!!

Other Memories
signed up for our squadron softball team, the 1st lieutenant who was choach was a real DICK-HEAD, who never let me play all season, never missed a practice!!!!!!!!!!
also remember the night our insp team went out on the town, we came out of a bar, up steps, (ralph was in the lead,and some jackass kicked him in face, breaking his jaw, we chashed the bastard punks for five blocks till we lost them

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36 Members Also There at Same Time
3902nd Air Base Wing

Roberts, Herbert K, Sgt, (1966-1970) 702 70250 Sergeant
Torbeck, Leon, Maj, (1962-1986) 642 6424D Major
Goldsmith, Nathan, Maj, (1952-1974) 105 1055A Captain
Stiles, Brent, MSgt, (1955-1968) 686 68670 Master Sergeant
Sorenson, Merrill, SSgt, (1963-1967) 291 29150 Technical Sergeant
Strohm, Kenneth, TSgt, (1966-1992) 325 32571 Technical Sergeant
Anderson, Tommy, TSgt, (1956-1978) 1N 1N2X1 Staff Sergeant
Cavenaugh, Gene, SSgt, (1966-1970) 732 73250 Staff Sergeant
Cox, Kermitt, SSgt, (1968-1972) 791 79150A Staff Sergeant
Flynn, Robert, SSgt, (1968-1972) 391 39150A Staff Sergeant
Good, Charles, SSgt, (1962-1970) 534 53450 Staff Sergeant
Lindberg, Carl, SSgt, (1965-1969) 204 20450 Staff Sergeant
Schmitt, Mike, SSgt, (1965-1970) 702 70270 Staff Sergeant
Whittlesey, Steven, SSgt, (1965-1972) 301 30170 Staff Sergeant
Douglas, Ramie, Sgt, (1964-1968) 702 70250 Sergeant
Evans, Christian, Sgt, (1965-1968) 732 73250 Sergeant
Fangmeier, Daniel, Sgt, (1967-1970) 721 72150 Sergeant
Fangmeier, Daniel, Sgt, (1967-1970) 721 72150 Sergeant
Jones, Larry, Lt Col, (1966-2001) 671 67150 Sergeant
Lane, Russell, SSgt, (1967-1971) 466 46650 Sergeant
Laughead, Paul, Sgt, (1966-1969) 432 43250 Sergeant
Nelson, Roger L, Sgt, (1965-1969) 551 55151 Sergeant
Sokolowski, Jim, Sgt, (1965-1969) 571 57150 Sergeant
Williams, Robert, Sgt, (1966-1970) 685 68550B Sergeant
King, Norman, MSgt, (1963-1983) 732 73250 Airman 1st Class
Smith, May, Sgt, (1965-1968) 702 70250 Airman 1st Class
Weaklim, George, Sgt, (1969-1971) 685 68550A Sergeant
Deuel, Edith, A1C, (1967-1968) 702 70230 Airman 1st Class
Meyer, Frederick, Sgt, (1968-1972) 622 62250 Airman 1st Class
Pruett, Maxine, A1C, (1967-1968) 730 73030 Airman 1st Class
Guzman, Peter, A2C, (1964-1967) 702 70230 Airman 2nd Class
Dziubek, Theodore, A1C, (1964-1968) 645 Airman 1st Class
Hutton, Kenneth Keith, TSgt, (1954-1968) Technical Sergeant
Micheletti, Nicholas, SSgt, (1967-1971) Staff Sergeant
Scheffler, Henry, Sgt, (1965-1969) Sergeant
McCreary, Betsy, A2C, (1965-1967) Airman 2nd Class
Field Representative Europe (FRE BUCKS)

Davenport, Joseph, SMSgt, (1963-1986) 291 29150 Sergeant

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