Carle, Richard, Maj

Air Operations
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Current Service Status
USAF Retired
Current/Last Rank
Current/Last Primary AFSC/MOS
1545A-Air Operations Officer
Current/Last AFSC Group
Air Operations
Primary Unit
1958-1961, 77150, 7100th Air Police Squadron
Previously Held AFSC/MOS
77130-Apprentice Air Policeman
77150-Air Policeman
Service Years
1954 - 1974

 Official Badges 

Military Airlift Command United States Air Forces Europe Combat Crew Air Force Air Police Badge (1960-1966)

Air Force Retired Mishap-Free Flying Hour Award 5,000 Hrs Air Police Arm Brassard Air Commando

 Unofficial Badges 

US Air Force Honorable Discharge C-5 Galaxy 1000 Hour C-5 Galaxy 2000 Hour C-141 Starlifter 1000 Hour

C-141 Starlifter 2000 Hour C-141 Starlifter 5000 Hour

 Countries Deployed To or Visited
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  1967-1968, 1545A, 4th Air Commando Squadron

From Month/Year
March / 1967
To Month/Year
March / 1968
4th Air Commando Squadron Unit Page
1545A-Air Operations Officer
 4th Air Commando Squadron Details

4th Air Commando Squadron
Combat - Special Operations
Parent Unit
Air Commando Units
Air Squadron
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Last Updated: May 17, 2018
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4th Air Commando Squadron

Cone, James, Lt Col, (1964-1991) 102 1021F Lieutenant Colonel
Robertson, Charles William, Capt, (1956-1967) 104 1045Z Captain
Warren, Ken, Capt, (1962-1967) 153 1535A Captain
Kittell, Lewis, MSgt, (1954-1970) 431 43174 Master Sergeant
Rose, Leonard, CMSgt, (1958-1978) 462 46270 Master Sergeant
Vallone, Francis, MSgt, (1966-1988) 431 43171E Master Sergeant
Brungard, Guy Joseph, TSgt, (1951-1967) 113 113X0 Technical Sergeant
Brim, John Larue, SSgt, (1960-1967) 114 11450 Staff Sergeant
McFarland, James, SSgt, (1966-1971) 462 A462X0 Staff Sergeant
Kent, Nacey, Sgt, (1962-1969) 113 113X0 Sergeant
Mcgoldrick, Clarence, MSgt, (1966-1989) 462 46250 Sergeant
Dupree, John, SMSgt, (1965-1990) 431 43151A Airman 1st Class
Hamnett, Jonathan, MSgt, (1967-1991) 431 43131A Airman 2nd Class
Kennedy, Thomas, SSgt, (1966-1970) 301 30130 Airman 2nd Class
Scoville, William Ward, A1C, (1966-1967) 460 46050 Airman 2nd Class
Cabana, John Bishop, Capt, (1963-1967) [Other Service Rank]
Davis, Robert Wendell, SSgt, (1955-1967) [Other Service Rank]
Harris, Leslie Earl, Lt Col, (1943-1968) Lieutenant Colonel
Newville, Van Harold, Lt Col, (1941-1967) Lieutenant Colonel
Duck, Willliam Whitby, Maj, (1955-1967) Major
Neal, Burnett, Maj, (1952-1967) Major
Wackerfuss, Richard William, Maj, (1952-1968) Major
Coughlin, Arthur Raymond, Capt, (1945-1967) Captain
Hosea, William Hadley, Capt, (1958-1967) Captain
Krawczyk, Edward Chester, Capt, (1950-1968) Captain
Merry, Donald Lewis, Capt, (1948-1968) Captain
Quill, Edward Beeding, Maj, (1957-1968) Captain
Rice, Herbert Charles, Capt, (1957-1967) Captain
Barnett, Clifford Charles, 1st Lt, (1957-1967) First Lieutenant
Brown, Barry Lynn, Capt, (1964-1968) First Lieutenant
Goodman, James Donald, 1st Lt, (1963-1967) First Lieutenant
Rogiers, Charles Joseph, MSgt, (1949-1967) Master Sergeant
Krouse, James Charles, TSgt, (1951-1967) Technical Sergeant
Barnette, Fred Edward, SSgt, (1955-1967) Staff Sergeant
Bowman, James Edgar, SSgt, (1954-1968) Staff Sergeant
Fields, James Lewis, SSgt, (1953-1967) Staff Sergeant
Medina, Raymond, SSgt, (1958-1967) Staff Sergeant
Menikheim, John, SMSgt, (1957-1980) Staff Sergeant
Preaux, Thomas Alfred, SSgt, (1951-1967) Staff Sergeant
Cradeur, Douglas Joseph, Sgt, (1965-1968) Sergeant
Lede, Roy Leo, Sgt, (1966-1968) Sergeant
Kelley, Dana Richard, A1C, (1960-1967) Airman 1st Class
Stephens, Michael Jeff, A1C, (1965-1967) 111 Airman 1st Class
Gregorio, Ralph, A1C, (1964-1968) Airman 2nd Class
Mitzel, Lonny Leroy, A2C, (1964-1967) Airman 2nd Class
Wright, Walter Clarence, A1C, (1965-1967) Airman 2nd Class
Tomchesson, Teddy James, Maj, (1954-1968) Major
Williams, Bruce Reginald, Maj, (1953-1967) Major
Duck, William Whitby, Maj, (1955-1967) Captain
Thompson, Cecil Truman, SSgt, (1957-1967) Staff Sergeant
Ruonavaara, Robert Edwin, Sgt, (1963-1967) Airman 1st Class
4th Air Commando Squadron Detachment 3

Klaus, James, A1C, (1963-1967) 431 43131A Airman 1st Class
GOLLIHUGH, DENNIS, SSgt, (1965-1969) Airman 1st Class

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