Atkins, James, Lt Col

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Lieutenant Colonel
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1950-1965, Strategic Air Command (SAC)
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Lieutenant Colonel

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This Military Service Page was created/owned by A3C Michael S. Bell to remember Atkins, James, Lt Col.

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Vancouver, WA

Date of Passing
Nov 04, 2009
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WW II Honorable Discharge Pin Air Force Retired

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From Patriot Guard Riders:

07 Nov 2009 2:35 AM

Ladies & Gentlemen of the Patriot Guard, we have been invited by the family of Lt. Col. James Atkins, USAF Retired to honor him at his service followed by a graveside service with full Military Honors. James served tours in WW II, Korea and Vietnam. James served with the Strategic Air Command as a navigator in B52?s.

Ride Captain: Steve Guild

Friday, Nov.13

Staging at Pendleton Woolen Mill Parking lot in Washougal, WA.

Staging time: 0820 hrs

Ride Brief: 0840 hrs

KSU: 0850 hrs

Flag line in place: 0900 hrs

Flag line dismiss when service starts approximately 1000 hrs

Flag line in place at Fisher?s Cemetery in Vancouver, WA. 1230 hrs

5 bike escort in place at church 1200 hrs

Graveside Service: 1300 hrs

If you are interested in riding in the 5 man missing man escort please contact me.

Steve Guild

Clark County Ride Captain


Respectfully Serving You and the PGR,
Cullen "Bluelight" Ritchie
Washington State Captain
Other Comments:
At 13 Nov 2009 6:03 PM

RE: Lt. Col. James Atkins, USAF (Ret.), WWII Korea and Vietnam, Washougal, WA, 13 NOV 09
by BornFree

***************** Mission Summary ****************

Today we stood for James G. Atkins, Sr. Lt. Colonel USAF (ret.). Lt. Colonel Atkins served tours in four wars if you include the Cold War. He flew in B-29's during WW II in the South Pacific, he worked on the B-36 Project in the late 1940's and he flew in B-29's over North Korea. James flew in B-47's in the early Cold War mid 1950's before transitioning to the B-52's, with flights over the North Pole, the Cuban Missile Crisis and missions over Vietnam. We were honored to stand, ride and salute this veteran in the rain at his memorial service, the Escort to the cemetery and grave-side services. We had 12 PGR, 2 cages, 9 bikes, one long rider from Tacoma. The family was very thankful for our honors as we were honored to stand for this man that has stood for us. Thank you to all that showed, You made this a very easy yet Stand-Out mission.

Steve Guild
Clark Co. Ride Captain
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Vietnam Cease-fire Campaign (1972-73)
From Month/Year
March / 1972
To Month/Year
January / 1973

This period was from March 30, 1972-January 28, 1973.
0n  March 30, 1972, the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong opened a 3-
pronged offensive,   with the intention of defeating the Republic of
Vietnam and reuniting Vietnam under a Communist regime, in a con-
ventional attack supported with artillery and tarnks, the North Vietnamese
crossed the DMZ into Quang Tri Province, occupying Quang Tri, the
provincial capital, on May 1 and attacking Hue. In a second thrust, the
Communists invaded the Central Highlands from Laos, isolating Kontum
and cutting the highway between Pleiku and Qui Nhon. On April 5
North Vietnamese and Viet Cong forces crossed the border from Cambo-
dia in the third phase of the offensive, capturing Loc Ninh on April 6 and
besieging An Loc. By May 8, however, the enemy offensive had stalled;
on June 10 the Communists withdrew from Kontum and on the 26th
from An Loc. Two days later the Nonh Vietnamese retreated from
Quang Tri, and on June 30 the South Vietnamese reopened the road to

U.S. air power contributed significantly to the battle. Although the
USAF had reduced its forces in Southeast Asia to half of those present in
mid-1968, it moved quickly to augment them. U.S. Navy. Marine. and
Army aviation elements joined the USAF to provide airlift. interdiction.
tactical reconnaissance, and close air support for the South Vietnamese.
A week after the Communist offensive began. on April 6. the United
States resumed systematic, sustained bombing of military and industrial
targets in North Vietnam as far north as the 20th parallel. The next day
Gen. John W. Vogt. Jr., USAF, became the Seventh Air Force Com-
mander. On May 4 South Vietnamese and U.S. leaders suspended peace
negotiations in Paris, and 4 days later, the United States imposed a naval
blockade of North Vietnam, mining harbors at Haiphong, Vinh, and
elsewhere along the coast. The United States also initiated LINEBACKER
on May 8 - 1 of the largest air campaigns of the war. Targets included
the rebuilt Paul Dourner Bridge in Hanoi, the Thanh Hoa Bridge, rail
lines, a petroleum pipeline from China to Hanoi. power plants. marshal-
ing yards, and other strategic and tactical objectives throughout North
Vietnam. During Linebacker, on June 28. Gen. Frederick C. Weyand.
USA, became the Commander of MACV.

Peace negotiations, suspended for two weeks, resurned in Paris on July
13, Anticipating a successful conclusion to the renewed peace talks. the
United States halted the bombing of North Vietnsn above the 20th
parallel as of October 23. But when negotiations stalled, the United
States conducted an intensive aerial offensive, LINEBACKER ll, from
December 18 to 30, against North Vietnam. B-52s and USAF and Navy
tactical aircraft bombed Hanoi and Haiphong and their environs around
the clock, concentrating on such targets as railyards, power plants,
communication facilities, air defense radars, SAM and antiaircraft gun
sites, petroleum tank farms, shipping facilities, ammunition dumps, and
MiG bases. On December 30, after peace talks resumed, the United
States again ceased bombing north of the 20th parallel.

On January 23, 1973, North Vietnam and the United States agreed to a
cease-fire, effective within 5 days. Part of the agreement called for the
North Vietnamese to release prisoners of war while the United States
withdrew completely from South Vietnam. From February 12 to March
29, following the Vietnam Ceasefire, North Vietnam released 565
American POWs. ln OPERATION HOMECOMING, the 9th Aeromedical
Evacuation Group flew the POWs from Hanoi to Clark Air Base in the

After the Vietnam Ceasefire Campaign, the Royal Laotian government
signed a cease-fire agreement with the Pathet Lao on February 21, 1973.
USAF B-52s. nevertheless, flew missions against Communist forces in
Cambodia until August 15, 1973, when the U.S. Congress mandated an
end to U.S. bombing in Southeast Asia.

The fighting had ended for American forces, but the Communists,
resupplied and reequipped, soon escalated the ground war throughout
Southeast Asia. Within 2 years, on April 17. 1975. the Khmer Rouge
occupied all of Cambodia. On April 30 North Vietnam conquered South
Vietnam and unified the country. And on December 3, 1975, the Pathet
Lao seized power in Laos, marking an end to - an era of U.S. influence
in Southeast Asia.  
My Participation in This Battle or Operation
From Month/Year
March / 1972
To Month/Year
January / 1973
Last Updated:
Mar 16, 2020
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