Corfield, Frank "Lee", Sgt

Aircraft Maintenance
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43151A-Aircraft Maintenance Specialist
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Aircraft Maintenance
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1970-1971, Military Airlift Command (MAC)
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1967 - 1971
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What are you doing now:
I was a Asst Mgr of McDonalds Pittsburgh Pa. Actually the snitch for the Big Mac. Long Story goes with this. Also drove for Purolator Courior Corp. Had routes in Pittsburgh where 
I would put 89 miles a day in the city. Then I got a route where I drove to Cleveland 5 nights a week. I liked that route the best. I could harass the Cleveland Brown and Indian Fans because I was from Pittsburgh. I did that for about 2 years. Oh yes, 3 Snow belts on the way up and 3 snow belts on the way home. Guess you have to love snow  LOL.

I married my wife Donna in May 9th,1970. We actually started dating in 1964, (9th Grade). Today, we have a daughter Tracey, born at Dover AFB) & 2 sons Jason & Sean, both served in U S Army. Today they each have 2 kids each. It's great being Grandparents.

I also served 18 years with the Big Knob Vol Fire Dept. Worked for Community Ambulance in Aliquippa for about 5 years in the 80's.

I recently retired from Horsehead Corporation as a Bricklayer 32 years of service. 

I was formally the Newsletter Editor & Secretary for Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 862 here in Beaver County Pa. Gave it up after 17 years.
Presently I am the Webmaster and SPOC. (Single Point of Contact)
We are the largest VVA chapter in Pennsylvania and the 3rd largest in the US, and we only started this chapter in 2000.In june of 2010 I was voted in as VVA Pa State Council - Secretary
I also volunteer at the VA Clinic in Cranberry Twp. on Tuesdays from 8:00 AM till 12:00 PM.
I just took over our Chapter Web Site as Webmaster. Check it out "All New"
Other Comments:
I DJ'd for about 25 years commonly known as "Lee's Oldies Express" retiring from that in 1995.

I sang Bass in 2 different Barbershop Quartets.  "Sweetwater Celebration" from the Sewickley and North Hills area of Pittsburgh &  " A Special Blend" here in Beaver County PA. Retired from that around 1985.

I also am a "Ham Radio Operator and hold a "Extra Class" license with the callsign N3IAL since the mid 80's.

Same time period, I Played in an over 30 Indoor Soccer League along with refering and coaching Youth Soccer wih FAST  = "Freedom Area Soccer Teams". Ended up being the PA West Soccer Association West District Registrar.  

I have been singing since I was 8 years old. Locally I sing either the National Anthem, God Bless America & "God Bless the USA" .  When I go to our C7-A Reunions, I always sing "God Bless The USA" for the closing ceremonies. As of Sept 2010, I've got to sing at Pegion Forge Tn in 2006, 2007 in San Antonio Tx, 2008 at Wright Patt Air Force Museum (this was the best I ever sounded) and  this years 2010 at Macon Ga.

I do have a Grandson, Jordan Escamilla, now in his 4th year at the Air Force Academy who is planning on flying either the F-22 or F-35's or maybe Helicopters, who know in todays Air Force. Heck he may even end up in a C 17. You never know.  He has participated with the Air Force Drum & Bugle Band and also did filming with the Air Force Football Team while at the Academy.
I can't wait to see how his career goes from here. When he graduates from the Academy in 2020, he wants me to put his "Butter Bars" on him. I can't wait. Unfortunately, with this Coronavirus, this may all change. We may not be going out for graduation at all.
My wife Donna and I are very proud of Jordan as he begins to serve his country.
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Vietnam Winter-Spring 1970 Campaign
From Month/Year
November / 1969
To Month/Year
April / 1970

This period was from November 1, 1969-April 30, 1970.
While Viet Cong and North Vietnamese military activity in South
Vietnam continued at a low level and U.S. forces gradually withdrew, the
Republic of Vietnam re-equipped and modernized its armed forces in a
program called “Vietnamization.” To meet the VNAF ‘s needs for
trained personnel, the USAF in the fall of 1969 began training programs
both in South Vietnam and the United States. On December 1, 1969, the
AC-47 gunships flew their last combat missions as U.S. aircraft: subse-
quently, the United States transferred the AC-47s to the VNAF and the
Royal Laotian Air Force (RLAF). A few weeks later, on January 22,
1970, the U.S. Air Force began transferring to the VNAF the Tactical Air
Control System that handled air defense, tactical attacks, and air traffic
control in South Vietnam. On March 15 the USAF inactivated the 37th
Tactical Fighter Wing at Phu Cat, an air base on the coast 250 miles
northeast of Saigon, and the 12th Tactical Fighter Wing at Cam Ranh
Bay, 180 miles northeast of Saigon. The USAF began withdrawing civil
engineering units in April.

The USAF might reduce its forces and operations in South Vietnam, but
other events prompted increased U.S. involvement in Laos. On Novem-
ber 1, 1969, with the onset of another dry season. the USAF began
another intensive air campaign. COMMANDO HUNT III. in the Laotian
panhandle to counter an increasing flow southwards of enemy troops and
supplies. The 14th Special Operations Wing's AC-119 and AC-130
gunships. although only flying a small number of the total sorties along
the Ho Chi Minh Trail, accounted for almost half of the destroyed or
damaged trucks. Meanwhile. tactical air and B-52 aircrews focused on
area targets and antiaircraft positions.

While the USAF effort in the Laotian panhandle focused on interdiction.
aerial action in northem Lam involved close air support. In January
1970 the Pathet Lao and North Vietnamese mounted a major offensive
against Royal Laotian forces. On January 4 the Seventh Air Force sent a
helicopter squadron to Long Tieng, an airstrip 100 miles north of
Vientiane, for operations around Muong Soui. It also dispatched
AC-119K gunshipe to Udorn Air Base. Thailand. on February 15 to
provide armed reconnaissance along major roads in northem Laos and
close air support for Laotian forward bases. Two days later. in an effort
to slow the enemy advance. the USAF used B—52s against North Viet-
namese and Pathet Lao positions in northern Laos. Despite the intense
air attacks. the Communist forces captured Muong Soui on Febuary 24
and advancing over the Plain of Jars. by March 17 threatened Long
Tieng. The Seventh Air Force helped fly in reinforcements of Thai and
Laotian troops to Long Tieng and evacuated refugees, while its tactical
aircraft provided close air support to the beleaguered troops. By March
30 the Pathet Lao and North Vietnamese forces once again had retreated.
and Long Tieng appeared safe, at least until the next dry season.

‘The North Vietnamese and Viet Cong for many years had used Cambo-
dia as a sanctuary with relative impunity, although the USAF as early as
March 1969 bombed targets in Cambodia with B-52s. Then, in March
1970, a new Cambodian government challenged the Communist military
presence. The Communists reacted with a military campaign against
Cambodian forces. As the conflict escalated, on April 20 Cambodian
Premier Lon Nol formally sought U.S. aid. On the 24th the USAF began
flying tactical missions against enemy targets in Cambodia, and 5 days
later, the ARVN entered Cambodia to destroy enemy bases and supplies
and assist Cambodian troops fighting the Communists.
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From Month/Year
November / 1969
To Month/Year
April / 1970
Last Updated:
Mar 16, 2020
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355th Wing - Desert Lightning

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