Adams, Albert, Sgt

Electronics Maintenance
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30451-Flight Facilities Equipment Repairman
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Electronics Maintenance
Primary Unit
1972-1973, 30451, Air Force Communications Service (AFCS)
Previously Held AFSC/MOS
30431-Apprentice Flight Facilities Equipment Repairman
Service Years
1964 - 1973
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What are you doing now:
Working harder around the house than I ever did at work. Mama's a slave driver, worse than any DI or NCOIC I had. LOL
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  1964, Basic Military Training (Lackland AFB, TX), 100
Basic Military Training (Lackland AFB, TX)

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Start Date 
Jan, 1964

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Last Updated:Sep 6, 2009
Personal Memories

Best Friends
Airman Lucero

Best Moment
Running laps around the DI. Getting to drink with the DI on Grad nite before shipping out. Lucero, myself and the DI, in his car outside the barracks.


Worst Moment
Drilling on the Pad!!

Don't remember his name... we gave him Jane Fonda's record (these boots are made for walking) on Grad nite.


Other Memories
Airman Mowat (who could not march at all)showing up at CQ while I was a CQ runner. He was bare butt naked, execpt for his web belt & canteen, his hat and polished boots! (per orders) 'Go to the commanders office, don't forget your hat, web belt, canteen and make sure your shoes are shined!' (so said the DI) Never saw him after that....

My Photos From This Recruit Training
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