Brown, Kenneth, SSgt

Aircraft Maintenance
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Current Service Status
USAF Veteran
Current/Last Rank
Staff Sergeant
Current/Last Primary AFSC/MOS
43151E-Aircraft Mechanic
Current/Last AFSC Group
Aircraft Maintenance
Primary Unit
1961-1964, 43151E, Strategic Air Command (SAC)
Previously Held AFSC/MOS
43131E-Apprentice Aircraft Mechanic
43151E-Aircraft Maintenance Specialist
Service Years
1960 - 1967
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Cold War Certificate
Cuban Missile Crisis
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Enlisted Collar Insignia
Staff Sergeant

 Official Badges 

Strategic Command (Pre 2002)

 Unofficial Badges 

Cold War Medal US Air Force Honorable Discharge (Old Style) SAC Master Crew Chief

 Military Associations and Other Affiliations
The B47 Stratojet Association
  2016, The B47 Stratojet Association [Verified]
  2016, 98th Bomb Group / Wing Veterans Association

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  1960, Basic Military Training (Lackland AFB, TX), 3711/1016
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Boot Camp Photo Basic Military Training (Lackland AFB, TX) 1960, 3711/1016
Basic Military Training (Lackland AFB, TX)



Start Date 
Aug, 1960

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Last Updated:Feb 14, 2017
Personal Memories

Best Friends
I was the Barracks Chief. I did not have best friends. But they all treated me with respect and I treated all of them with respect. In fact, I bought them cans of transparent shoe polish to prepare the floors for inspection. At that time we were making $73/ per month. Later, we were allowed to go to San Antonio to see the Kingston Trio, but I had no money. The Flight took up a collection for my ticket.laugh. We were the best damn flight at Lackland!

Best Moment
The best moment was diffenately when my Flight bought me a ticket to see The Kingston Trio. yes


Worst Moment
The worst moment was when another Sgt(?) ask if he could borrow $3.(that was a No-No).  But I was a country boy( Something like Gomer Pile. I suddenly became Latrine Chief !  indecisionTwo days later I was back to Barracks Chief..  smiley

My instructor was SSgt Mahue. He was a real nice guy, at night, during our "fireside chats" But look out when the sun came up!surprise


Other Memories
When we arrived at boot camp, we had to empty our pockets on our bunk. Sgt Mahue got to me, and said, "What's this Brown? !  I said, "They're gag jokes, Sargent." Among other things I had a sugar spoon with a hole in it. I was going to put it in the sugar bowl and someone would get "punked". I never saw the stuff again. crying

My Photos From This Recruit Training
SURPRISE ! 1960 Basic Training Gig Slip

  171 Also There at This Training:
Name Sqdn Flt Start Date
Jones, Daniel, A2C, (1960-1964) 3711 812 Aug, 1960
Ring, Ronald, MSgt, (1960-1980) 3711 1017 Aug, 1960
Turner, Thomas, MSgt, (1960-1981) 3711 978 Aug, 1960
Turner, Thomas (Tom), MSgt, (1960-1981) 3711 978 Aug, 1960
Mehner, Rudolf (Rudy), A1C, (1960-1966) 3711 1219 Sep, 1960
Troth, Edgar (Ed), TSgt, (1960-1980) 3711 698 Jul, 1960
Brune, George, SMSgt, (1960-1997) 3711 700 Jun, 1960
Fennig, Paul, A2C, (1960-1964) 3711 1380 Jun, 1960
Porter, Larry, A1C, (1960-1963) 3711 698 Jun, 1960
Tansey, James, A1C, (1960-1965) 3711 1347 Oct, 1960
Blumenberg, Robert, A2C, (1960-1964) Aug, 1960
Bolton, Gerald, CMSgt, (1960-1985) 3724 Aug, 1960
Colon, L Ray, MSgt, (1960-1981) 3704 1004 Aug, 1960
Conklin, Fred, A2C, (1960-1964) 3709 983 Aug, 1960
Crosbie, David, CMSgt, (1960-1987) 3708 BAND Aug, 1960
Davis, Donald, A1C, (1960-1965) 3709 879 Aug, 1960
Davis, Donald, A1C, (1960-1965) 3709 879 Aug, 1960
Dillinger, David, A1C, (1960-1966) Aug, 1960
Dillinger, David, A1C, (1960-1966) Aug, 1960
DIRKSCHNEIDER, THEODORE, A2C, (1960-1966) 3725 972 Aug, 1960
DIRKSCHNEIDER, THEODORE, A2C, (1960-1966) 3725 972 Aug, 1960
Dugan, Thomas, Capt, (1960-1984) 3708 940 Aug, 1960
Falkenstein, Kurt, Capt, (1960-1983) 3704 964 Aug, 1960
Fellenz, Norman, TSgt, (1960-1981) Aug, 1960
Fleshin, Samuel, A2C, (1960-1964) 1006 Aug, 1960
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