Corbett, Peter, TSgt

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USAF Retired
Current/Last Rank
Technical Sergeant
Current/Last Primary AFSC/MOS
23370-Continuous Photoprocessing Technician
Current/Last AFSC Group
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Primary Unit
1976-1979, 23370, 15th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron
Previously Held AFSC/MOS
23250-Still Photographer
23350-Continuous Photoprocessing Specialist
23354-Still Photographic Laboratory Specialist
Service Years
1956 - 1979
Technical Sergeant

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 Military Association Memberships
Disabled American Veterans (DAV)Air Force Association (AFA)Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA)Air Force Memorial (AFM)
  1984, Disabled American Veterans (DAV) [Verified] - Assoc. Page
  2000, Air Force Association (AFA) [Verified] - Assoc. Page
  2000, Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) [Verified] - Assoc. Page
  2015, Air Force Memorial (AFM) [Verified] - Assoc. Page

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Retired AF. Retired AAFES. Retired Air Force just plain retired, period.
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 Enlisted/Officer Basic Training
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  1956, Basic Military Training (Lackland AFB, TX), 3709/277
 Unit Assignments
17th Tactical Reconnaissance SquadronUS Air Force363rd Reconnaissance Technical Squadron497th Reconnaissance Technical Group
7499th Support Group4754th Radar Evaluation Squadron460th Reconnaissance Technical Squadron38th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron
US Air Force15th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron
  1956-1958, 23250, 17th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron
  1958-1961, 23250, 497th Reconnaissance Technical Squadron
  1962-1964, 23250, 363rd Reconnaissance Technical Squadron
  1964-1966, 23250, 497th Reconnaissance Technical Group
  1966-1967, 23350, 7499th Support Group
  1967-1968, 23354, 4754th Radar Evaluation Squadron
  1968-1969, 23354, 460th Reconnaissance Technical Squadron
  1969-1974, 23370, 38th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron
  1974-1976, 23370, Air Force News Center
  1976-1979, 23370, 15th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron
 Combat and Non-Combat Operations
  1962-1962 Cuban Missile Crisis
  1968-1968 Vietnam Air/Ground Campaign (1968)
 Military Association Memberships
Disabled American Veterans (DAV)Air Force Association (AFA)Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA)Air Force Memorial (AFM)
  1984, Disabled American Veterans (DAV) [Verified] - Assoc. Page
  2000, Air Force Association (AFA) [Verified] - Assoc. Page
  2000, Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) [Verified] - Assoc. Page
  2015, Air Force Memorial (AFM) [Verified] - Assoc. Page

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  • Powe, Nathaniel, SMSgt, (1940-Present)
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Reflections on TSgt Corbett's US Air Force Service
 Reflections On My Service
As an abused boy i had to at times escape into my own world deep inside of myself in order to survive things happening to me that i couldn't comprehend nor understand.
I was born in 1939 in Boston. So i grew up during the war years, at about 6 years old i started making a scrap book of all the AAC/AAF/USAF aircraft, I wrote to most of those aircraft manufacturers asking if they could send me pictures of the AAC/AAF/USAF aircraft that they built. With their picture i would enter all the vital statistics associated with that aircraft.
There were always plenty of young men in uniform of the various services, passing through or stationed near by & i was always attracted to those in the AAF, mainly because i was an Air Corps/AAF nut. Logan Airport was nearby. Hanscom Field was a bit further away & then there was Westover Field further away.
As a young boy i used to see formations of bombers flying overhead & heading out to sea, heading East towards Europe.
I had accumilated various AAF uniform parts, i had the official AAF book of units & history of WWII. I had a landing light from a B-17 & finally i was into building stick models of the aircraft. I knew quite a few of aircraft by sight. I was interested in the Ground Observer Corps and had a recogintion poster board.
I had a cousin who joined the USAF in 1950, he became a flight eingeer.
I was living in an orphanage/Home in 1949-1953 and he sent me a pair of his Flight Engineers wings, along with a set of stripes that he wore at the time. I was usually hanging ot at the Air National Guard squadron at Logan airport & their F-51 Mustangs & later F-94 Starfires. By then i knew what this boy was going to do with his life when he got old enough. Meanwhile i joined the Civil Air Patrol, in Tewksbury, Mass at 15 and i was now really living my dream, not exactly in the real Air Force, but close enough as we got to spend a week with the active duty Air Force in the summer encampments. In 1954 we went to Otis AFB, Mass for a week,. we flew down in a C-46 Commando & returned in a C-47 Gooney Bird. Otis AFB had F-89J Scorpions & we lived, marched, paraded & ate with them in our sparkinng kahki uniforms.
In 1955, we went to Samson, AFB, NY..
In March of 1955, i took my forged birth certificate to the Air Force recruiting station in Lowell, MA. got a train ticket & meal ticket to report to the Boston Army base for my induction tests & physical. I had passed. Now was the hard part as i was "17" years old & needed a parent or guardian's signature.
Well, as my "mom" was being told that i was enlisting in the USAF all that was needed was her signature. She asked him how old do you have to be? He told her 17 with a parent or guardians signature. 18 years old & he didn't need any kind of signature. Oh well i have news for you today is his 16th birthday & i refuse to sign the papers. He just might change his mind later & come back "home." I told her sign those goddam papers, i'm never coming back. Once again she refused & now the recruiter was pretty well pissed off at me, he was willing (unofficially) to look the other way about the forged birth certificate if she would just sign, she didn't.
Then he asks her, well i now know Pete's only 16 & if in a year and he wants to (legally) enlist would you be willing to sign the papers? YES.
So, on the 13th of March 0f 1956 i was (legally) sworn into the USAF & on my way to Lackland. AFB, TX. I was now living that abused boys dream and it will become a part of him for the rest of his life 22 1/2 years on active duty & the rest in retirement.
A boys dream in survival to be lived in his real life.

I went to the USAF Photographic School at Lowry, AFB, CO, upon completion of my basic at Lackland. From there i was assigned to a Tactical Reconnaissance Sqdn, at Shaw AFB, SC. I was an aerial film processer & printer on world wide mobility. I was there for a bit over a year.
Then on to Wiesbaden/Schierstein, Germany & the 497th Recon. Tech. Sq Lindsey Air Station (CO-7). I was in the recon photo lab. Got up to A 2/c.
I got out of active duty (July '61) for shortly more than a year, came back in (Sept '62) as a prior service troop.
Got a direct duty assignment back to Shaw, AFB, SC ,and into the 363d Recon. Tech. Sq. Again in a reccie photo lab. Started out as a A/3c. & made A/2c.
From there i had an assignment to the 66th Tac Recon Wg, Laon, France, but i got it changed to the 497th Recon. Tech, Sq, in Wiesbaden/Schierstein, Germany, at Camp Peri. In the photo lab. I made A/1c.
From there a PCA to the 7499th Spt. Gp, Wiesbaden, air base again in the reccie lab.
Then on to Hill AFB & a Radar Eval Sq, (4754th) as a "photographer." lasted less than a year thank God. There i went from a A/1c (over 7) to NCO status as a SGT. E-4.
On to Vietnam (July 68) 460th Recon. Tech. Sq Aerial film processor/printer .
Back to Germany (July'69.Ramstien, AB to the 26th Recon. Tech. Sq, (for a month), was disbanded & assigned to the 38th Tac. Recon. Sq PPIF, photo lab. Spent five years in that squadron.
Then on to another worthless assignment the HTNC at, Tinker, OK. A fish out of water. The only thing worthwhile was i earned my promotion to Technical Sergeant & i became a member of the base funeral.burial detail.
Then on to my final assignment on Okinawa, Japan & the 15th Tac. Recon. Sq.

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