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Thailand-Laos-Cambodia Brotherhood
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The Brotherhood stretched across Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia. We were civilians, military (all branches of service). We were pilots, mechanics, navigators, weathermen, drivers, security police and cooks. We were on or over the front line, on bases you saw on TV and some that few people even knew existed. We fought the war you heard about and the war you didn't. We didn't look for glory or ask for medals, we were called and we went. A lot of us didn't return........

Today we are Teachers, Police Officers, Fire Fighters, Writers, Government workers, Auto mechanics, and more. You see us everyday. We are your sons, your daughters, neighbors and the solitary man sitting alone on a park bench. We stretch across the United States and throughout Asia. Our stories are vastly different, yet the same.

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431 Barfield, Jimmy, SMSgt 435 Burns, James (Jim), SMSgt 
8X Closs, James (Jim), 1stSgt 702 Culbertson, John, Capt
252 Encinas, Ruben L. (NKPWXMAN), SSgt 54 431 Fredericksen, Paul (Freddy), SSgt 40
543 Golden, Neal, SSgt 72 543 Golden, Neal, SSgt 72
462 Green, James (Hornet Gunner), CMSgt 3 821 Grimes, Jim, Lt Col 
543 Grimes, Richard (Dick), TSgt  114 Hall, Larry, MSgt 1
462 Harmon, Harold, Sgt 462 Henthorn, Jim (Jim), SSgt 
462 Jennings, Charles T., MSgt 422 King, James (Jim), SSgt 1
291 Krueger, Wayne H., Sgt  435 Kulig, Ronald, MSgt 1
702 Miller, Ed, TSgt 30 455 Norway, Robert (Bob), SMSgt 20
801 Peterson, William R. (Motel), Lt Col 3 461 Ryman, Randolph, Sgt 
462 Santo, Robert (Bob), SSgt 4 293 Schillo, John (Schillo), MSgt 1
811 Squires, Everett (Willie), MSgt 259 702 Sweet, John (Johnny), SSgt 
304 Thompson, Les (Worm), Sgt 3 423 Thompson, Robert, SSgt 
274 Troy, Walter (Walt), Sgt 206 Vale, Michael (Mike), Sgt
462 Young, James (Hywathai), SSgt 

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Dec 11, 2010, 2011 Reunion
  The 2011 TLCB reunion will be held in Washington D.C. No dates have been announced. The 2012 reunion will be held in San Antonio Texas.
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