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Order of Daedalians
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Order of Daedalians
55 Main Circle, Building 676
Randolph AFB TX 78148


The Order of Daedalians honors, as its Founder Members, all WW I aviators who were commissioned as officers and rated as military pilots no later than the Armistice on 11 November 1918. It perpetuates their names as the first to fly our country's airplanes in time of war. The Order's membership of commissioned, warrant and flight officer military pilots and WASPs, with its worldwide network of Daedalian Flights and its comprehensive awards program, supports the military services and other aerospace activities. The Awards and Scholarship Programs of the Order and Foundation encourage patriotism, integrity, and good character in our nation's youth; military careers as commissioned pilots; safety of flight, and excellence in the performance of military duties. The Daedalian Foundation's scholarship program also promotes study in aerospace disciplines.

Direct Reporting All Chapters  
Gator Flight # 58 (Moody AFB, GA) Minuteman Flight (Bedford, MA)
Hurricane Flight 40 (Biloxi, MS) Swamp Fox Flight 26 (Charleston, SC)
Longhorn Flight 38 (Austin, TX) National Capital Flight (Washington, DC)

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53 Verified 75 Pending All Members
9X Adams, Michael (Mike), Maj Gen  805 Adamson, Derry Allan, Lt Col -Deceased 
660 Altemose, James (Rhino), Col 23 104 Bonner, John, Lt Col 3
610 Carlton, Paul Kendall, Gen -Deceased  11 Carr, Chalmers R., Jr. (Hap), Brig Gen 
990 Christensen, Fred Joseph, Jr., Lt Col -Deceased  11 Craig, Roger, Col 
106 Crehan, James (Jim), Lt Col 9X DiPiero, John (Dipper), Col 
143 Donaldson, Henry, Maj 6 111 Duet, Daniel S., Lt Col -Deceased 
401 Dwyer, Robert (Coyote), Lt Col  63 Forbes, Robert, Jr. (Kin), Col
A23 Gibson, Ralph Duane (Hoot), Col -Deceased  111 Googins, Larry, Maj 3
132 Greenawalt, Rodgers, Lt Col 1 A23 Heurlin, Victor, Col -Deceased 
A23 High, Richard P. (Baby Huey, Viper), Col -Deceased  9X Hinen, Anthony (Tony), Col 
9X Holt, Philip, Lt Col 1 104 Horner, Merwin (Merv), Col
104 Jackson, Gary, Lt Col  114 Johnston, Robert (Bob), Col
260 Kent, James Roy, Col -Deceased  16 Kingston, Mike, Maj 1
189 Knox, William David, Col -Deceased  Lahm, Frank Purdy, Brig Gen -Deceased 
360 Lewis, David Raymond, Col -Deceased  132 Marchetti, Nicholas (Godfather), Capt 
102 Marsh, Bernard, Lt Col -Deceased  143 Martin, Don (Roadrunner), Col 
11 McCrave, Jerry, Lt Col 123 McCurdy, Clark B. (Clark), Maj 8
360 McCurdy, Stuart, Col 3 102 McLamb, Estel Wayne (Wayne), Col -Deceased 
410 Perry, Keye, Lt Col 11 Pflugradt, Henry (Hank), Capt
111 Phillips, Jack, Lt Col  111 Porter, Gary (NoGo), Maj 

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