Blackwell, Tim, MSgt

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Current Service Status
USAF Retired
Current/Last Rank
Master Sergeant
Current/Last Primary AFSC/MOS
2T2X1-Air Transportation
Current/Last AFSC Group
Primary Unit
1996-2008, 2T2X1, Andrews Air Force Base
Service Years
1986 - 2008
Master Sergeant

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Air Force Retired

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US Air Force Honorable Discharge US Navy Honorable Discharge

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American LegionFleet Reserve Association (FRA)
  2005, American Legion [Verified] - Assoc. Page
  2008, Fleet Reserve Association (FRA) - Assoc. Page

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  1996-2008, 2T2X1, Andrews Air Force Base

Master Sergeant
From Month/Year
- / 1996
To Month/Year
- / 2008
Andrews Air Force Base Unit Page
Master Sergeant
2T2X1-Air Transportation
Not Specified
 Andrews Air Force Base Details

Andrews Air Force Base
Garrison - Base/ Installation
Parent Unit
Air Force Bases/Stations
Created/Owned By
Not Specified

Last Updated: Dec 2, 2008
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Andrews Air Force Base

Cantu, James, SSgt, (1994-2008) 2T 2T2X1 Staff Sergeant
Johnson, Paul, TSgt, (1988-2008) 2T 2T2X1 Staff Sergeant
Marszalek, Darrell, MSgt, (1989-2008) 2T 2T2X1 Staff Sergeant
Panella, Michael, TSgt, (2000-2008) 2T 2T2X1 Staff Sergeant
Pierce, Larry, SSgt, (1980-2000) 2T 2T2X1 Staff Sergeant
Rutledge, Michael, TSgt, (1987-2007) 2T 2T2X1 Staff Sergeant
THOMPSON, JASON, SSgt, (1997-2008) 2T 2T2X1 Staff Sergeant
Bean, Daniel, TSgt, (1992-2008) 2T 2T2X1 Senior Airman
Gordner, Jonathan, SrA, (2004-2008) 2T 2T2X1 Senior Airman
Voyce, Patrick, MSgt, (1991-2008) 2T 2T2X1 Senior Airman
Marshall, Conrad, CMSgt, (1978-2007) 2T 2T1X1 Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force
Harrington, Shejuana, TSgt, (1990-2008) 2T 2T0X1 Technical Sergeant
Mckeithen, Brenda, SSgt, (2000-2008) 2T 2T1X1 Staff Sergeant
Borbon, Ericka, SrA, (1999-2004) 2T 2T0X1 Senior Airman
Lunsford, Darren, SrA, (2004-2008) 2T 2T1X1 Senior Airman
Mongeon, Daniel, SrA, (1999-1999) 2T 2T1X1 Senior Airman
Phillips, Cindy, TSgt, (2003-Present) 2T 2T1X1 Senior Airman
Garcia, Alex, MSgt, (1995-2017) 2T 2T1X1 Airman 1st Class
Koenig, Jeff, TSgt, (1995-2008) 2T 2T1X1 Airman 1st Class
Servellon, Aligda, A1C, (2006-2008) 2T 2T0X1 Airman 1st Class
Boyd, Adam, Capt, (1987-1997) 822 8224 Captain
Gillespie, Eric, Capt, (2000-2008) 21 21RX Captain
Holtzman, Richard, Capt, (1989-2008) 13 13MX Captain
Ball, Don, CMSgt, (1977-2005) 1C 1C1X1 Chief Master Sergeant
Davison, Steven, CMSgt, (1982-2011) 1A 1A1X1 Chief Master Sergeant
Houston, Glenn, CMSgt, (1971-2000) 2P 2P0X1 Chief Master Sergeant
Krejci, Keith, CMSgt, (1966-1997) 1C 1C1X1 Chief Master Sergeant
Payton, Arthur, CMSgt, (1978-2002) 7X 7SOXI Chief Master Sergeant
Andrasko, Mary, SMSgt, (1979-2005) 3C 3C000 Senior Master Sergeant
Gemmill, David, SMSgt, (1980-2007) 1A 1A1X1 Senior Master Sergeant
Anderson, Jeffery, MSgt, (1985-2014) 3S 3S0X1 Master Sergeant
Barrientez, Andrew, MSgt, (1978-1999) 2A 2A5X0 Master Sergeant
Camacho, Corinne, MSgt, (1992-2016) 3D 3D0X2 Master Sergeant
Casey, Thomas, MSgt, (1975-1999) 3P 3P0X1 Master Sergeant
Cleator, Michael, MSgt, (1984-2007) 2E 2E1X4 Master Sergeant
Dickson, Eugene, MSgt, (1977-2003) 1A 1A6X1 Master Sergeant
Furtado, Frank, MSgt, (1988-2008) 8X 8T000 Master Sergeant
Hammond, Mark, MSgt, (1980-2001) 2W 2W0X1 Master Sergeant
Knight, Timothy, MSgt, (1986-2008) 3E 3E7X1 Master Sergeant
Mackie, James, MSgt, (1993-2002) 2A 2A6X5 Master Sergeant
McGary, Ronald, MSgt, (1972-1996) 811 81190 Master Sergeant
Richardson, Kevin, SMSgt, (1982-2011) 3S 3S2X1 Master Sergeant
Rogers, Carl, MSgt, (1984-2005) 2A 2A5X1 Master Sergeant
Russell, David, MSgt, (1983-2005) 2A 2A5X1 Master Sergeant
Smith, Timothy, MSgt, (1982-2005) 1A 1A3X1 Master Sergeant
Tahir, Melvin, MSgt, (1977-2001) 420 42030 Master Sergeant
Tilley, Tony, MSgt, (1996-Present) 1N 1N0X1 Master Sergeant
Ty, Emmanuel, MSgt, (1985-2009) 1C 1C3X1 Master Sergeant
Canada, Jason, TSgt, (1994-2008) 3P 3P0X1 Technical Sergeant
Clark, Richard, MSgt, (1987-2007) 2A 2A6X6 Technical Sergeant
Crowe, David, TSgt, (1987-2007) 2A 2A5X1 Technical Sergeant
Dula Jr., Noah, MSgt, (1990-2008) 2A 2A6X5 Technical Sergeant
Fowler, Ted, TSgt, (1980-2000) 328 32874 Technical Sergeant
Funderburk, Darnell, TSgt, (1984-2004) 6F 6F0X1 Technical Sergeant
Geter, Duanes, TSgt, (1997-2017) 3D 3D1X1 Technical Sergeant
Harshfield, Monty, TSgt, (1984-2004) 902 90230 Technical Sergeant
Hauser, Denise, TSgt, (1996-2008) 3V 3V0X1 Technical Sergeant
Hines, Tonya, TSgt, (1995-2008) 2S 2S0X1 Technical Sergeant
Holland, Gregory, MSgt, (1987-2008) 3C 3C1X1 Technical Sergeant

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